Infoseite // HDC-SD900 - Battery, Microphone, Tripod

Frage von Garfield:


I will buy probably the HDC-SD900. Have now learned in grad Slash-Cam Test read that you can charge the battery only s.der Camera? So anything with "oh sh .... just a battery is charged, oh never mind, I invite the while we're on the road in the hotel and change my s.der outlet when I'm back s.Abend ..."?

And then a question about an external microphone. What can you recommend her? 've RØDE VideoMic microphone envisaged.

I need just a clever tripod, and then you could start: D



Antwort von doclike:

the with the Battery, ... should be as well, so that is synonymous for me a "no-go". I'm not buying the 750th sdt The display and the viewfinder is not as top, but everything is another important me!


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