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We want a school with several cinemas DVI or HDMI, depending on what is priced lower, network, ie a player HD: 3 play sites.
Therefore, the m. knowledge according to permissible length of 15m is not enough.
We need to almost double.
What are the possibilities to realize this?
What intermediate devices / amplifiers there is?
Other inexpensive devices zweckverfremden?
I'm grateful for any hint. It must go fast because the construction can not be stopped and now the cable, etc.
s.besten can be relocated.

Thank you in advance and nice evening

Greetings from Mainz Renato


Antwort von PUDU:

About HD-SDI drive. Probably less than it cost when you now per 30m HDMI cable, an HDMI distribution and similar buy.

HDMI-HDMI HDSDI geweils. And you can even over existing composite cables go. I think 400 ¬ for HDMI to SDI, then around 250 for the SDI distribution and then for each 400 SDI to HDMI, VGA or DVI, which is synonymous ever you need. Cable about 40 ¬.

Would you only go via HDMI, I guess 700 for the distributor, and 500 each for the cable.


Antwort von seifenchef:

Hello Guest!

Thanks for the tips first.
Can you find some links / sources refer to subscribe?

Greeting Renato


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