Infoseite // HDMI synonymous with the sound quality is better?

Frage von Riki1979:

Love stories run,

as a proud owner of a Panasonic camcorder type "HDC-SD707" I am very satisfied with the recordings. I have connected the camcorder's HD-Television s.den my mom (using the supplied AV Multi-cable for playback in standard resolution).
And one thing I must say that the playback quality of standard Resolutionist better than my previous camcorder!

But now to my real concern:
An HDMI cable was unfortunately not included, so I want to buy one such. And I hear and read again and again that the HDMI cable the picture quality is better than the standard resolution.

Is that really the same synonymous for the QUALITY?

I thank you in advance for your answers!




Antwort von Jan:

HDMI supports a number of new audio description (True HD, etc), but the camera is still in its AC 3 Dolby digital sound.

There are to be expected, at least with the SD 707 not a great Tonvorteile, slight advantages möglicherwiese by now digital transmission.



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