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Sony HDR-HC3 Test


Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
November 2006

HDR-HC3 of rudi - 28 Nov 2006 09:52:00
> Actually, this test should report well before the opening of our camcorder database appear. But in direct comparison with the now emerged "competitors" is the HDR-HC3 Sony of the same in a different light because ...

Antwort von ruessel:

Well, now I'm on the FX1 Test curious ...... and HVX200 .... ;-) All cameras with a nearly even SD image sensor ....

Antwort von Duisburger:

It would need to be mentioned that the image quality of the HC3 as a start, where a DV camcorder for a long time has ceased.

Antwort von Der Die Das:

It would need to be mentioned that the image quality of the HC3 as a start, where a DV camcorder for a long time has ceased.

they're about to test synonymous HDV and not DV Cams and Cams Comparison of concerns only in this format and just write all these different testers.

Is it just a pause fillers such as Tesberichte in the Journals

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

If you look at the comparison images and the Articles of Slascam accurate makes you come to very different results in the Comparison HV10/HC3 and rather in favor of HC3.

Please now, but nothing more s.den written test results Slascam here to change something, just leave, so that everyone is a picture of what can make such a test is to hold.

Antwort von Markus:

"Duisburger" wrote:
It would need to be mentioned that the image quality of the HC3 as a start, where a DV camcorder for a long time has ceased.

Replace "image quality" to "Resolution". There are still a few other minor (!), Which is a good video image. ;-)

Antwort von Duisburger:

"Mark" wrote:
Replace "image quality" to "Resolution". There are still a few other minor (!), Which is a good video image. ;-)
Resolutionund image quality can only be separated if herrkömmlichen on a TV, so in low-resolution data, the recording is considered.
Today, for good shots where a good HDTV is available remains a DV film in his image, that is what I see behind a HDV movie much the same content back.
Of course, the s.der excellent Resolutionvon HDV shooting, but I count the pixels but do not consider the picture of the movie.

Antwort von Markus:

If the content is identical, which is different then? - But only the resolution, right? ;-)

Antwort von Duisburger:

Garnicht We are so far apart.
The large Resolutionist responsible for the excellent picture quality.

Antwort von deepcode:

The small cam makes quite subjective surprisingly good images, the times I can say from personal experience. And she has, in contrast to HC-1 a pleasant warmth in the Picture. Low Light, I think (for a HDV Cam) synonymous extremely good, almost on a par with the FX-1, which is synonymous with low noise gain full view. And they are not synonymous loses s.Schärfe so drastically at higher gain as the HC-1. One must always synonymous price in mind.
Microphone Input: Missing, but synonymous with the HC-1 is not much synonymous since there is no manual audio control is possible. About the Intelligent Shoe you can use external microphones dranbauen. A real shortcoming, professional sound you need to absorb external unfortunately.
Stabilizer: there are better, but he is ok
Handling: Well, get used to, but with the personalized touch screen makes it to live.
The turning wheel is affixed stupid, is just next to the screen edge.
Viewfinder is totally useless.
But just try out yourself.
In any case, we had the relatively small and the cam has the expensive, heavy Canon XL2 with the large, expensive optics, both in the look as synonymous in sharpness and noise beaten. I think somehow Hammermäßig. (ie, after each recording DV or HDV)
Somehow, the small just a well-coordinated in the Picture, the somewhat lower Resolutionist IMO not particularly relevant.

Times I would be interested to know what happens when the little thing about HDMI uncompressed recording. If there are screen samples somewhere .. please post! :-)

Antwort von rapunzelchen:

QUOTE deepcode: ... brings but synonymous with the HC-1 is not much synonymous since there is no manual audio control is possible. End QUOTE

That is simply not true! Take first some HC1 in hand ...

Greeting Detlev

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

- The HC3 camcorder lens are little mistakes out in HV10 Lens shows the contrast over the entire focal length range slight chromatic aberration.

- The resolution is in line with the HV10 s.der closest grouping initially clean, worse, while the circular lines, the arch of the HV10 synthetically deformed, see right below. In nature, of course not just horizontal or vertical lines, but a mixture thereof in all directions, this is the HC3 camcorder better equipped. The testing of Slashcam deliver a statement about the resolution in relation to light-dark contrasts. It can not be inferred as well Resolutionvon multicolored structures. It is therefore essential mehrfarbige templates, such as Weißlichtinterferogramme noise pattern or color to use.

- Sweep Comparison: Canon delivers a lower Resolutionals Sony, rashes see box to the right ... The wider and longer the oscillation to the right ranges, the higher the Resolutiondes camcorder.

- HV10 delivers a very pale Picture, Picture of the HC3 shows more saturated colors and better black level (see left bottom lines next to the byby for example) ... Bright picture lots have in the case of the HV10 drawing less than HC3, in low-light area begins HV 10 rushing s.zu much faster than HC3.

- For sound recordings, the drive of the HV10 sounds are clearly audible, but not for the SonyHDR-HC3 HDV camcorder.

Antwort von pixeli:

could hc-3 against the canon xm-2 dip ... and rarely regret it ... about the lack kriechzoom!

Image quality is saugut ... and low-light shots for theater behave just fine. if I want to shoot dead, I must stop fit ... oh, this is a hard wehnachtszeit ;-)

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

With the remote control RMT-831 of the HDR-HC3 get very soft Zoomfahrten ...

Antwort von He2lmuth:

I can not find, unfortunately, still much too fast

Hellmuth greets

Antwort von he2lmuth:

Sorry for double post: (

But I would like something about the bad color, according to testers read. How do you mean?

The color at any rate almost reached the level of 3 Chipper, when I use the tests of digital video assets to be believed ... and which possess at least an ISO certified laboratory.

I mean synonymous, that the color is rather poor, but I am interested for YOUR opinion.

Thanks greets

Antwort von Alpinist:

"pixeli" wrote:
the lack kriechzoom

? So I get only synonymous with the standard levers of HC-3 very (!) Slow zoom out - there are just only Fingespitzengefühl and a steady hand is required ;-)



Antwort von dj-senol:


Of eight seconds after WW T are not for me "very slowly". Desirable would be like the old PC100 20 sec.


Antwort von Markus:

One must stop to remember that the HC3 currently the lowest entry-level HDV camcorder in the field. We should not expect so much ...

Antwort von Unwissender Gast:

Sorry, but ... how can I do with the HV10 about adjusting the gain?
Thank you

PS: Certainly not for you stupid question, but I have not habs gechecked

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Ignorance Guest" wrote:
how can I do with the HV10 about adjusting the gain?

As far as I know, the hand of not.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Unwissender Gast:


Yes exactly :-)
but how ???????????

Antwort von Olya:

Have now the HC 7:

From WW T after 30 seconds, TIP.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:


W to T = 13 seconds ... FIRST ....

Antwort von tester100:

Have both the Canon HV10 as synonymous the SonyHC3 extensively may try. My Conclusion:

In almost every score, the HV10, the HC3!
Only the Optical Image Stabilization Canon is a super feature.
I bought the Sony.

The rash was the ultimate design. Annoys me is synonymous turning the wheel right next to the display, after the fold and oblique rotation is no longer to be used, but the HV10, I do not like the thing I really should touch.

And the advantage of the Upright design that fewer tape transport noise mitaufggezeichnet be because the installation of micro a bit more distant from the deck is, I was able to say nothing of the HV10.

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