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HDR-HC7 und iMovie 6 - wie kann ich die Filme importieren?

HDR-HC7 and iMovie 6 - how can I import the movies?

Frage von kohli2703:
Oktober 2007

Word of honor, I did everything abgesucht, but no problem to the following entry is found ...;-)

So I have a few weeks ago, the HDR-HC7 and increased already 5 hours of film material is produced, which I now like to import and would like to cut.

I use to ensure Powerbook G4 and connect the camera purchased with an additional firewire cable.

The calculator recognizes the Cam, I can start and stop. The problem: it imports the data is not and I have no idea yet what I can try.

It could, perhaps, that there are no drivers for the cam or that special Sonyein separately documented Fire cable ...!? I'm desperate and hope on your help.

There have been many thanks!

Antwort von PowerMac:

You do not need drivers. Mach doch mal NEN screenshot and show us how you orders exactly what settings you have, etc.

Antwort von kohli2703:

all right, we go forth. I say "Magic iMovie" Cam s.den rewinds cassettes beginning and then looks for NEN Wolf ...

Antwort von PowerMac:

Why auto included? But the experiment manual.

Antwort von kohli2703:

That is unfortunately not synonymous. Once I "Import" button, the Cam starts but no picture transfer, let alone recorded.

The assistance is available:
If you have FileVault in Mac OS X is activated, you can import the digital video footage of problems. Move in this case your iMovie HD project s.einen location outside your home folder, while you are working with iMovie. A good location is the appropriate folder for all users ", located in the folder" Users "on your hard drive is located.

Yeah, I made no improvement ...;-(

Antwort von kohli2703:

hatt maybe someone else an idea where exactly the problem could lie?

thank you very much

Antwort von kohli2703:

Problem is solved! It was an attitude thing s.der Cam, synonymous to synonymous previously would have come (I am Idiot). Nevertheless, thanks for the advice, Threat closed.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"kohli2703" wrote:
Problem is solved! It was an attitude thing s.der Cam ...

If you now write a few words, what setting is causing the problem, then this thread would be synonymous helpful for others to someday face the same problem.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von kohli2703:

I barely trust myself, to write but you've obviously right:

When you plug the cam she jumps in the car "Line IN" mode. By the time I had checked and that it is of course to "Line Out" must .....

Antwort von MacFaxe:

Hello, I have the same problem. Unfortunately, I can the setting of Line-in Line-out was not found. My Mac recognizes the Camera not synonymous. Since I do not ogiginal Sonyi.Link have cable, I suspect that the connection does not work. The display shows but when inserting the i.LINK cable HDVout briefly and then briefly to HDVin. Is it true that this display will disappear again? Would be great if you could help me. Greeting MacFaxe

Antwort von tigertsyle:

Hi folks,

I have the same problem, only for me it has worked a few times, then again not. No idea why this is.

Meanwhile, I am really annoyed.

That with the DVin and DVout I see synonymous, but I can not set or where I do not know how to permanently resolve. CAM is the lack of space on my Firewire disk, which in turn depends s.Calculator. The control of the camera goes without problems, but I see in iMovie just the blue picture.

If I would like to import with iMovie (iLife 08), then in the viewfinders of the cam the message: "No output image in VCR (HDV / DV) With i.Link no change".
The camera starts to rewind to hear it again - it will appear above the message, the computer makes a brief "Boing" and then everything stays at the old stand.

I CAM-display "Help" is selected and then followed the instructions, but it does not help next.

I do have a foolproof instructions, otherwise I can film for a wedding does not create. For SONY in the hotline to say: just call the Apple people at Gravis can not help because they probably all have no clue.

I filmed with normal MiniDVs, no HD-DV.

Maybe someone can help, it is urgent. Gladly synonymous by email, which I will then make available

Antwort von pullservice:

The problem I have had synonymous. point in the menu of the camera page 2 ilink conv. the setting to off. then funzt it.

Antwort von kohli2703:

So I had already written up next "problem solved". Von wegen .... I share the same problem as everyone else here.

The error is not reproducible. Have a few hours before everything was connected and directly transferred. Now, two hours later I again 'HDVin "in the display and war are not gone ...

On Page 67 of Cam-instructions is that the iLink cable must resolve before you make changes. Now have all sorts of settings and will slowly WAHNSINN!

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