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HDR-Videos mit den Pfstools

HDR video with the Pfstools

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
November 2006

HDR video with the Pfstools of rudi - 22 Nov 2006 10:58:00
Those who still ponders about what HDV Camera the highest resolution creates line, should perhaps take a look at this research object pose. There is in fact (almost incidentally) have shown that it is not not necessarily reflect the resolution, but the dynamics of synonymous Camera is quite important. In photography, there is already some time HDR techniques, but in the video is High Dynamic Range (HDR) is still quite a novelty.
Without deep into the technology used to want to self: Go
dieses Video to news reporting

Antwort von Cocoa_Magazin:

Everything beautiful and good ... but ... I recently saw again an old "Columbo". Incredibly badly filmed (I think this episode was even with 16mm rotated) and synonymous bad plays on. Nevertheless - a super-fun! => Image is not everything, the film has just fallen. Much worse than a lack of Dynamics is the depth of video, so the work can be creative. Even artificial contour sharpness in my opinion, falls into a lot more weight than the negative overdriving a bright picture agency.


Antwort von chmee:

More Dynamics / Apertures for digital video is definitely desirable. Is unfortunately just a technical demonstration.

And the above argument has always: if the idea is Shice helps
not synonymous with 35mm film team and Dolby7.1

How about with the idea that for (almost) every option is:
2 cameras are on the same motif (POV, FOV). This should
feasible with the help of a prism. A Camera underexposed,
Logically, the other overexposed. Voila. In the compositing
merged and already has the lights and the depths synonymous.

mfg chmee

Antwort von Cocoa_Magazin:

So such a nonsensical proposal I have ever heard!

Antwort von chmee:

What is so nonsensical it?

Would technically a DRI with 2 pictures.

mfg chmee

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Synonymous, I think that it is easier, the subject with the help of lights, foils for windows and filters, etc. on a camcorder for the appropriate contrast levels to bring:)

Especially since you then synonymous free zoom and focus can and it can be easier to import;)

Antwort von chmee:

It may be that in small spaces and locations with good lighting is still out. But make the time in a
Shots with meadow and forest ..

One can not do so, zoom, true. But sorry,
Zooming heard me on the 1%. Rides and pans are to me
much more important.

Apart from this, of course, is the depth of a much
important utensil in the artificial language. But this one has so
NEN 35mm adapter:) problem is already solved.

Did the idea posted here again and they do not think sooo

mfg chmee

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

There are reflectors that direct sunlight accordingly. To Not a LowContrast is synonymous filter in combination with a course filter is good for such motives. If it is still not enough (which would surprise me), you can still a few ¼ in the post to correct before it roars. Before the problem with such designs is a photographer without this tool with his "oh-so-big-Contrast" film material as a synonymous Ochs vorm Berg.

If you times "Barry Lyndon"'ve seen ... there's quite a scene s.Anfang, where the Quinns Parade of army takes place. Rear s.Berg see above you can see the screen light streaks. This is the highlight of this scene. Reflectors have been done on the mountain.

Admittedly, that is quite a high overhead. But if a scene and its motive is worth it, ever to be, then you should try the best out of.

If the motive photographically (cinematographic / Videographer) is unsuitable and the effort to correct it, the benefits exceed the scene, one must find another way.

Your solution for fun, I have thought over synonymous times. But I quickly came to the conclusion that in practice it is not so good would work. Zooming synonymous but you have to times when the squad up. And the focus problems are synonymous not be underestimated. The tape you can with the prism ever forget. But perhaps, the Manufacturer yes to the idea, a camera 6CCD release:)

At the "The idea is one" comment ...

I think Yes and no. Sure, the idea must be good. But a good idea may be bad narrative technique (Picture / Sound / Time) synonymous dilapidated. The image quality of said Columbo series should have been bad. That makes not so much, as long as there is only the quality. When the cameraman but not concerned about the impact of its shots and make the events as completely from any perspective taking, which is much worse. Because the images can still be so glossy, the film is uninteresting.

Antwort von chmee:

Moin surreptitious Michel:)

.. And there came again and the judge gave both right ...

The idea with the 6 CCDs is not so bad .. If CCDs
semi would have to be just einafch layering
the Front would be easily outshines the behind
underexposed. But before that happens, they will develop
erstmal CCDs with a higher aperture size.

That with the measuring tape is not a problem, then just on the
Prism with distance x (eg 20cm) started.

Effort is just such a thing .. I had until now no jobs, the
were paid so well that I am with 2 7.5 tons could ascend.
So guerilla tactics.

And on the latter (idea must be right)
Of course, there were already works of film history, not by
the story but "only" by the pictures were great.
IMHO eg "House of Flying Daggers"
And the other one can be a good idea synonymous with bad
Kadri, driving, zooming completely destroy it. If the
most important rules of the camera work to heart, then you can
make something of it. We talk but not of the
"Dad is filming and s.Strand the child and the cuts" situation.
Zoom, loose, swing like Blöde etc..

mfg chmee

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"chmee" wrote:
semi would have to be just einafch layers ...

FOVEON would be nice. I am very excited of the things.

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