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Frage von eberhard:


Who can give me a simple information? There are now many video formats mpeg2, mpeg4, etc.
I wanted my photos in HDTV quality, etc. as a movie store on hard drive, because I do not have a Blue-Ray burner did. For example, there is an HD player Dvico TVIX M-6500A which I have seen on

Which format should you create to HDTV to play them?

Yours sincerely and beautiful Easter



Antwort von jazzy_d:

The hard players you need to stop and look at exactly what goes out. For the tvix is everything on the page and the format of the Codec can play. I would be with wmv, avc-hd h.264 or try.


Antwort von WoWu:

Hallo Eberhard

When it comes to photos, you such a codec, which relies heavily on Wavelet, Wavelet because of still images with very high efficiency, in contrast to DCT-based codecs ... jazzy_d but as already mentioned ... which is of course then, what player you want to use.
A tip even if you format it in the TV show want to put it so that no or only as linear interpolations of your output format must be held. Each interpolation "costs" Quality!


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