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Frage von Matzees:

Hey guys, sorry am totally new to the video area, I try to be brief about you to steal any valuable time;)
've Got a sony handycam of getting paid to 2006 (mine):
Has he hd, but still ne cassette inside hdv / dv. Now I want to digitize the tapes because of it. What is the best way to capture this without much quality loss fast? Should I set ne firewire card? Or something is now about such a usb video grabber? me an HDMI output, which brings the digitization process? S.verzweifen am here; ((

Thank you for your efforts apologize in advance!


Antwort von Bernd E.:

Do not despair, breathe deeply, forget all that with "Full HD" or USB has to be done here and read this: FireWire FAQ">/ s.PC recorder, connect your camcorder recordings capture and edit . What is there to DV applies, mutatis mutandis, as for the HDV format your Sony.


Antwort von nicecam:

Oh yes, Bernd, if we were not, right? ;-)


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