Infoseite // HDV Export - How exactly do?

Frage von FilmMaker:


They are my first HDV Project in APP 2.0 finished and would like it with the best possible quality to export as a file.

How do I in this case, exactly?

Which codec do I need to maintain a good output HDV to guarantee?

I am pleased with your tips.

Thank you in advance schonmal



Antwort von usul:

If you want it to an HDV tape, or video in any format, for example for viewing on the computer export?

The "real" HDV export, you have not much freedom as codec and bit rate are set.


Antwort von Pempi:

So I have after much struggle between quality, file sizes and smooth playback for me the following decision:

adobe media encoder
=> Default: WMV9 720 24P

Here you have observed (as you probably no dolby surround sound recorded searched) the audio format of 5.1 to 2 channel to change, otherwise he can not render.

I have been for most of my movies to that format adopted, because the quality is stunning and the file sizes your not to grow into infinity (0.6 MB / sec)

this format gives you security _not_ with the very best quality, but if you do not have a TV set at home fullHD rumstehen did everything else is relatively meaningless.


Antwort von wolfgang:

So WMV9 720 24 p is a comparatively poor choice - compared with other possibilities. Why? Because the encoding to WMV9 a lot of time - that goes around with DivX-HD significantly faster, because the format is progressive - and yes it is usually of 1080 50i material, because - if it really is 24p, 25p and not -- all pictures here are not only umskaliert but synonymous nor any intermediate berechnt pictures.

It is better if the material is about as 1080 50i m2t file outputs, and that of players such as the SC200, the TViX-HD or synonymous to the HSD 8500 Xoro plays, or on DivX HD goes.


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