Infoseite // HDV and AVCHD SD cut in a sequence

Frage von dagger_pca:

Hello dear community,
I know there were certainly have the same question several times, I but look for sd and hd in PP and find nothing.


The material is available in HDV, AVCHD and DV25.
At the end is to create a PAL DVD.
I think s.besten a Project is to create in HDV, right?

I want to cut with CS5 PP. Can I direct everything and mix directly
the HD material cropping (crop) if I cut other
needed. PP would be to export the movie in different formats SD
(Intelligent) change, so that DV25 is touched and s.wenigstens
everything else necessary to that?

Ehm binn, einwenig now confused ...

Thank you for your attention!


Antwort von Jörg:

if the result will be a DVD, then working in a synonymous SD Project. Manipulate the contents of the HD will bring better results than the inflation of SD.


Antwort von dagger_pca:

aha, so is it, thanks!

I just thought that PP does not inflate, but everything does what it is ...
At least, during the cut.
Can it be then that PP of HD material was cut, or makes
there is a "downstream" when the word is correct here, s.end, with the
Image is preserved?


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