Infoseite // HDV does not recall the image of computer on CANON HV40

Frage von nanon:

Hello people!
I edit the footage on the computer with PREMIERE ELEMENTS 8th For archiving, I play back the finished movie on DV tape.
This has so far worked with DV recording always good. With HDV footage but the camera says "INPUT IS NOT SUPPORTED"
Have to request either ADOBE still with CANON receive a response.
Weiss s.was someone could lie there.
Thank you

Thank you for your contributions, it has done himself.
It is s.der software.


Antwort von Axel:

Regardless of the software accept HDV 2 - camcorder (1440 x 1080) only "i". And depending of the software should I pass on the question.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

To the meaningless information:

"Nanon" wrote: Weiss s.was someone could lie there.
Thank you

A look into the crystal ball told me that it is s.den Program Settings / Camera!
Then do it!


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