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HDV-Schnitt mit Edius - welche Festplatten (meine sirrt!)

HDV editing with Edius - the hard (my sirrt!)

Frage von Addie:
Mai 2008


I have the hard drive

hard drive 250 GB SATA II-7.200 rpm Seagate ST3250620NS "

Cut in my PC, using Edius NEO. Synonymous everything works wonderfully, but now I wanted a second get to Edius on C: to create and to edit the video files on the second plate.

With the Seagate disk, I am really happy synonymous, it is in the access bit loud, but always in service barely audible. That was very important to me! But since 2 weeks it starts sometimes terribly s.zu Sirren! A high, supernerviges noise! If I use the PC then go down, the Sirren is synonymous of the pitch with her down (so it turns slower) and then when you restart erstmal weg. But then again ...
Will it soon give up the spirit? Is this a known problem Seagate? I will in any case they need to exchange, because this is annoying.

Now, my confidence in Seagate thus somewhat limited, although it's actually a good company, right?

My question therefore: 2x 250 GB of me completely - the quiet, fast, and reliable for HDV editing with appropriate NEO would you recommend me an alternative? Or was I just unlucky times with the above Seagate and I should just get another 2 of them (maybe my claim?)?

Antwort von B.DeKid:


How to C? You've just kind only one partition on the disk?!

Let the hard drive of times a computer store to test.
Non-media market but a small specialist shop.

Has the plate a cooler? If not .... you should get one.
There are tools which can tell you how long your hard drive is still alive. Often you will find the tools sollche Manufacturer or in specialized forums.

B. DeKid

Time relating to partitions

To say I always partitions
"A hard drive is like a wardrobe, I have no subjects in Schraank then throw everything hionein and I think that is synonymous sometime back. But I Have a tray in the cupboard for underpants socks shirts then I know exactly what is where.

So I always install the 4 partitions on the first disk

C = Main = only Windows drivers and codecs and antivirus PROGIS

D = Sub = Programs So just Photoshop Corel Office, etc.

E = Office = Only Documents Projects related stuff work partition

F = = Private Music Movies Images for private use partition Friends

Dann mal smears from the calculator, I only lose C and the other partitions will remain intact.
Virtual Memory and Temp Files I spread synonymous to the various partitions.

Why are people only have one partition there and then of order and stable system, I do not understand talking.

Only small change and just under 120 GB disks lass I unpartitioned.

With multiple partitions is synonymous of gelüschten Recover the data easier to gewerkstelligen.

Antwort von Addie:


Of course, I have partitioned my hard drive several times! Quite so silly, I am not synonymous! ;-)

My idea was - and that I had read several others - the files that should be cut to a very different record to have, not just another partition on the same plate.

Otherwise, the panel has no cooler, but the temperature display shows only 26-30 ° C. And that has been synonymous not changed. Furthermore, the more noise cooler again, and so long as I do not need, because the disk is running too hot ...
I tend to feel, perhaps a "Monday Platte caught it.

Proposals for panels? When there's Alternate 250 GB Seagate alone of several ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Proposal backup all important data and record exchange - this is in each store using the compiler scan number on the record - if it is a Europe model act.

Antwort von Addie:


synonymous think that since there is no way off passenger. I have the plate with an Internet shop (pc-like) ordered. Have already angemailt and described the problem, because of Sunday but no answer. Blöd is: I should probably send the meantime, I think times, and so I just buy a replacement disk (or send me will a loan ... ;-)). Synonymous Therefore my question: what? If, then, I would two exactly identical to buy, because I had read that one s.besten 2x uses exactly the same.

As I said Sata, quiet, fast.

Antwort von Markus:

"Addie" wrote:
... the record does not cooler, but the temperature display shows only 26-30 ° C.

Directly after the start? If true (synonymous?) With the temperature reading is not something. Barrel plate after half an hour just to operate ...

Related topic:
How many hard disks fail?

Antwort von jazzy_d:

So with 7200 rpm, I suppose Samsung. They are so beautifully quiet.

Faster with 10,000 rpm, there is only halt of Western Digital.

Whether this partitioning makes sense or not I leave you. I do it in any case not. Knew not why. If the HDD abraucht are synonymous the data on a partition "away". And if I have E: \ Office Data or My Documents \ Office data do come for me at the same also.

Antwort von Addie:

Directly after the start?

No, actually. Glaub ich jedenfalls ...
But I must precise times drauf eighth and your "hand test" to carry out.

The PC vendor has reported, he will claim the record for you. That means synonymous but that I only need a new (or can be synonymous WinXP on external disk to start ...? Do I have never tried ...), and since I do not know what exactly it, I asked him synonymous times .
He still recommends Seagate, because they guarantee 5 years and he is usually very good because with Erfahrugen made. This does of course not, that there is a defect synonymous times can give.
[/ quote]

Antwort von Addie:

One more thing:

there of the Seagate Barracuda disk with 8 MB cache and with 16 MB.

With the 8 is better evaluated in Alternate of the users (where a synonymous describes a "Fiepen" my plate, it seems that is synonymous with another type).

Would you say in HDV with NEO-cut should be done strictly 16 MB cache, or makes no difference in performance?

Antwort von Markus:

"Addie" wrote:
... but you should absolutely have 16 MB of cache, or ...?

The cache is a small cache, the performance can only flourish if often limited to small amounts of data being accessed (which fit in the cache). In the case of a Video Editing gigabytegroßen files with this feature is not of importance.

Antwort von Addie:


okay, then I ask myself what I buy. With 8MB of cache with the valuations are better. And the other I think that is a coincidence because the plate is identical otherwise - I guess times.

- Seagate ST3250820NS 250 GB, Barracuda ES, 24 / 7 (8 MB)
- Seagate ST3250620NS 250 GB, Barracuda ES, 24 / 7 (16 MB)

or even
- Seagate ST3250310NS 250 GB (even with 32 MB cache)

They are priced almost the same.
[/ list]

Antwort von darg:

"Addie" wrote:

Otherwise, the panel has no cooler, but the temperature display shows only 26-30 ° C. And that has been synonymous not changed. Furthermore, the more noise cooler again, and so long as I do not need, because the disk is running too hot ...
I tend to feel, perhaps a "Monday Platte caught it.

Send to a 7200RPM but I would soon depend a cooler. Why pay for the Enterprise version to them in the desert to burn? The 26-30 degree will know where the buck measured or were you an extra fan in the enclosure for the HDD compartment? If so, forget it, you need not. If not, it helps immensely and if you get a good, then the fan is quiet. Take not with two fans that are louder.
The Sirren is a dying camp, which is set when you turn on the calculator and briefly identified but then again starts to oscillate. I would quickly make a backup of the disk and send.

Axel, San Jose

Antwort von Addie:

HI Axel,

thanks for the hints. Document times in accordance with Alternate quiet fans are looking for. This means that the stock dying due to overheating comes about? Or will it?

Antwort von darg:

More or less. The catch is, heat is for mechanical and electronic components are not good. The old 5400er I run without Cooler and they are barely lukewarm become synonymous driver boards. The 7200er without any fan, even if they are not in a housing construction was very hot. Unfortunately never had a 10,000 or 15,000 but had the need to smoke .... :-)
It is synonymous not only the mechanics themselves, the Cooler blaesst yes synonymous to the drivers and the small PCB board, it might be synonymous not so warm. In the case of a failure of a plate, if it is not by mechanical Sirren or similar announcement, one can find the first of a PCB with an identical record to run again but bring in mech. Problems, it's from.
The failure rates fast synonymous in height, since all firms are on 7200er. The Enterprise of Seagate disks are tested slightly better than the AS boards, but a guarantee is not.

Axel, San Jose

Antwort von Addie:

Very interesting, thanks for the background.

I wonder why the seller is not a fan drangehängt has.

Do you know a good, quiet hard fan?

Antwort von Eugen von ...:

"Addie" wrote:
I wonder why the seller is not a fan drangehängt has.

Due to the increased hard drive sales? Look after pabst fans, if goes to the local dealer. For 3.5 "disks should actually always match what is being offered for this .. but (!) .. Naja.

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