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HDV Formate im Schnittprogramm

HDV format in the editing program

Frage von Peter Storm:
Februar 2008

as total beginners, I have 'mal' ne question:

I can now with a Canon XH-A1 (prinzipell) to capture video, as m2t to the PC and in an editing program (Sony Vegas example) open.

Question 1: is it useful to the individual film sequences separated into the editing program or to everything as a whole? What process is technically better? So far I have used HDV Split and the scenes (clips) separated or not synonymous. But Sony Vegas can capturn Camera synonymous.

Question 2: In what format do I HDV 1080i 50i as a file on the PC (render), so I see on the PC or burned to DVD (HDTV) television can view it. So far, I have the synonymous in m2t for the PC output (rendering).

What is the technical end s.Sinnvollsten from the perspective of the professionals?

Antwort von darg:

Question 1: I'm not expert but I like the scene of separation, because people here with much smaller files and is working as individual Scenes easier to find. With a huge file you have to always cut in the window to the desired section and the scroll can be somewhat tedious. If your NLE, but the big file with each of the thumbnails and can split them in a window which is synonymous a good thing.

Question 2 I can only say that it is a must mpeg2Format. When I will be rendered as m2t. I use Vegas 8Pro.


Axel, San Jose

Antwort von wolfgang:

The automatic separation at the scene of capturing HDV in Vegas 8b is still weak on (occasionally s.Ende frozen frames of the clip, sound hole). Personally, I am using this opportunity, therefore, not.

We have for PAL HDV devices but a much better way, namely that of the video meeting elcutty developed scripts for Vegas. The do an absolutely clean separation scene, based on long pieces of material, such as the one with Vegas 8 without separation catured scene. Neither hole nor audio frames are frozen so on, and the loading of the projects will be dramatically reduced (because a large number of physical requirements of the individual files s.das system drastically steiern).


The trick: it is used for each scene there is also a picture which means a nice organization of the material allows.

The thing works in recent versions synonymous for Canon.

The Question 2 depends on you of the actual output from the output m2t-HDV2 is good when the material you can play s.HDTV synonymous (approximately from Xoro HSD 8500, or about the TViX HD devices).

If, however, of a Blu Ray player, comes the possibility of output AVC or mpeg2-HD on the Blu Ray function from the timeline. Or you can draw some AVCHD DVDs, Issue synonymous as AVC out of Vegas (s.Besten extract from the iso), and then distilling with Ulead Movie 6 + with HD pack author. The body was extremely intense s.anderer developed.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"shown" wrote:
I like the scene of separation, because people here with much smaller files works

This has advantages in the Workflow synonymous: in a first pass with VLC (if you have not already when capturing with HDVSplit miterledigst) can you write down what you can throw away. These files will disappear of the plate. In the second or third round you then throw away what is in fine or Grobschnitt as superfluous identified. To keep you on the record only the files actually needed.
For many small data files are more secure than a large file. Because in case you have better chances of the case, a Recover drüber run.

BG, Andreas

Antwort von wolfgang:

The argument should Filesize but more and more insignificant to be - at today's prices synonymous of very large hard disks.

But you bought is huge with many individual files of course synonymous administrative expense in the NLE - these files need to open so all of the project will be loaded and verknüft. Also avoided is because, I guess the above-described method is enormous.

Antwort von Peter Storm:

Still a few questions from the beginning:

I have Sony Vegas and Edius Neo downloaded as trial version.

1. Edius Neo crashes right at the first call before the election of the project format (HDV 1080i) ab. I can not open it. The installation worked without incident.

2. We Shorten my Sony Vegas Clips s.Anfang or end? I just want something of the scene abschreiden. So far I have only the possibility of separation of the scene and delete the unwanted part is found. Is that synonymous faster?

3. If I were in Sony Vegas movie simply about the "tape recorder control" run, jerky preview the image below right. Is this normal or is my PC then the performance of not?

Antwort von wolfgang:

Ad 1: I can not say - I know not synonymous, whether in the trial are certain limitations. You might question this - but only after a Regristrierung - Canopus in the forum:


Ad 2: event in the timeline with the mouse forward or backward verküzen. A cutting is an event with the button "S" is possible.

Tell you our Einstiegstuorials, and of course the instructions to read - the relevant parts of this gibts ja synonymous to German.

Tutorials: http://www.vegasvideo.de/

Ad 3: ask what is the "Kasswettenrecorder controller"? How is your PC?

Antwort von Peter Storm:

with cassette recorder controller, I thought the keypad on the screen that looks like earlier in the tape recorder and the functions forward, fast forward, fast rewind, stop, end, etc. contains.

But I still have problems with the editing program selection in the area cost less than 500 euros.

For Sony Vegas Movie Studio can I use the 1080i 25i film only in voluminous output Mpeg 2 or MPEG 4, then forces the program to me but Resolution320 x 240 and in just 29.9 frames / sec (which is NTSC). Because what I have overlooked?

I imagine that I am at an output format (output file) can render, which I then posted video player and can watch television, as synonymous in the PC. But somehow with more than 500 lines. Is it?

Antwort von wolfgang:

So at 1440x1080 in AVC, you can only spend Vegas 8 Pro - that is correct. But look, if you are not synonymous to wmv-HD can make the output - from Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum (for HDV, you need to get the Platinum version).

For the high-resolution output to a HDTV brauchts hold special players - Blu Ray player, for example, BD-R (based on mpeg2-HD or AVC-HD can), or synonymous AVCHD DVDs, or synonymous to the TViX-HD (in the recent chip generations synonymous Sigma can play AVCHD).

Only in Vegas 8 Pro is AVC High Resolutionausgeben which then you with some tricks and distillery with Ulead Movie 6 + with HD pack authors can be high. You could but synonymous in the Movie Studio 8 Version HDV issue, and possibly the authoring AVCHD with Nero to make DVD.

Antwort von Peter Storm:

I will be in movies anyway m2t archived. But this is my play and transportation problem not yet solved.

Comprehension is a normal video player AVC-HD or WMV-HD? Even if HD-MI draufsteht?

What plays a normally equipped PC?

Problem: I want to Grandma and Grandpa synonymous friends or a movie show times. They have a normal video player / recorder, a normal PC or even with Beamer.

I have just a trial version of Nero 8 lengthy download (190 MB). Shortly before the end of the installation is asking me to Nero 8, no painstakingly installed purchased version 5 to uninstall to continue. And I could not meet. I need a burner constantly available and will not after two weeks in the rain. So will initially remain in the dark as to whether Nero 8 can help me.

Perhaps I buy the version soon, but voluntarily and not under compulsion.

Antwort von wolfgang:

No, the player that you as a "normal" means, you can not play high definition material. HDMI is just an interface for output, which has not yet much to be done.

If you want to continue its high-resolution movies, then if we stop one version to the conventional resolution down - or you use portable player - the TViX HD is a small box that you can take, and the high synonymous play. Or the friends stop Blu Ray player - the medium is expected to be the case today, but of course not.

Antwort von Peter Storm:

This is once again the question of which format I choose now for video player (under waiver HD)?

My Video MP4 player can, says the manual. But I need a sufficient Resolutionfür the Television. The PC then kannn because surely synonymous.

Ne question again to 29.9 frames / sec, the Sony Vegas at the output of the very low-MP4 displays. MP4 is always 29.9 frames / sec. or is here synonymous between PAL (25 images) and NTSC distinction?

Antwort von wolfgang:

Na waiving HD, it is easy - here you create a normal DVD content, and so based on the mpeg2. The templates can be found at this main concept mpeg2.

Antwort von Peter Storm:

with main concept mpeg2 rendering is good, the Resolutionund the frame rate is ok, the PC plays, but the DVD recorder may not have the extension mpg. He wants either mp4 (which vegas .., Platinium just in a bad Resolutionbringt) or a real DVD movie with all the endings bup files, Vob, Ifo. But this is the DVD Architect needed.

Maybe you have more suggestions.

I would like to invite me to a trial version of Nero 8 on a calculator, which Nero had not yet synonymous times and do a trial version of DVD Architect.

Antwort von wolfgang:

Maybe you should have time to say exactly what you really want.

If you want to play high definition material and s.HDTV view? Then forget the DVDA, the material can not yet draw. And that is a question of the players - depending on what you need to halt the issuance choose suitable.

If you want the high material make SD material, and on any DVD player can play? Then you need an authoring tool like the DVDA.

So what is really the objective?

Antwort von Peter Storm:

I want to:

1. The movie in HD for later archiving. This works well in m2t format. As a storage media can I for example an external hard drive use. Emergency synonymous mirrored. So now no more problems here.

2. An output on a (normal) to create DVD, which I both in the PC as synonymous on the DVD video recorder can watch television. It is now clear to me that that is not in HD goes. So my TV resolution of PAL. Therefore, I now have a trial version of DVD Architect DVD burned. Could I now in the PC and the TV Watch. My PC monitor is because of my photo editing farbkalibriert. Here is the test video in color fairly decent. Unfortunately differs in the color television which clearly. Although the rest of TV color is ok. Is that always so? How can I change this?

3. A Ausgabefile for Internet publishing to create here is the mp4 output of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinium in Resolution320x240 pixel at. That's enough for the Internet. But here the question: The program generates 29.9 frames / sec. Is that always so?

My main problems now so I could (synonymous with your help) to solve. Stay still remaining questions.

Antwort von wolfgang:

Ad 1: if you re away of m2t expected, then it is perfectly possible - only has the disadvantage that the material is then again a render older generation is, if you must convert it again. I would therefore almost the entire Project on removable disk cancel order later to a desired target format directly from the timeline to be able to expect. But this is perhaps synonymous quality fanaticism.

Another possible variant would be, now on Blu Ray players and burners to go. The burners are now around 300 euros, the blanks are not cheap, but how many movies do you have per year?

Ad 2: Is holding the question of whether synonymous according to the TV kalibiert is - probably not, I guess times. This is probably the point is.

And there is the question of how exactly the down conversion of HD to SD has been done - was done out of Vegas, it should fit the times (when you change the color of this conversion, the tool must be used properly mastered).

Ad 3: No, this is not always so, as you probably come of 50i is the move to 60i more of a disadvantage. For the Internet are synonymous rather other useful format, like wmv - probably because the more people can play as mp4.

Antwort von Peter Storm:

Hello Wolfgang,

so now because you can better evaluate what I want / need:

Sony DVD Architect with Vegas about right for me? Is it what more appropriate in the range up to about 300-500 euros?

I would be yes for Adobe rail interested because I Still Image-and desktop-publishing field for years with Adobe (Photoshop, Indesign etc) whose work and style very much like mag. But the price of 1000 euros for Premiere Pro CS3 is indiskutabel.

Antwort von wolfgang:

So it is difficult to answer - which car is the price range x to y is the right thing?

They can only say that there are some products there, with whom you of tasks you want it. With 300-500 euro entrants would you rather Tools exclude - in the authoring area occasionally wrongly, because there are already some interesting (for Blu-Ray and AVCHD Ulead DVD Movie distiller 6 + with HD pack).

But I fall a (not exhaustive):

- CS3 with Encore CS3 (gabs not synonymous cheaper offer than just the production suite? A look at ebay).

- Canopus Edius, Canopus Neo perhaps. Taking the Procoder 3 These, wirds halt even more expensive, but it's certainly good

- Ulead MSP unfortunately you have to remember next is not developed

- Avid LE is not synonymous develops next, as one hears

- Sony Vegas / DVDA, we had

- Final Cut Pro is to stop Appel

Perhaps what is still lacking, then surely those who still call. Basically, things with the aforementioned tools erledigbar, in detail it is necessary to halt compare (Edius about not supporting 5.1 sound, if this is important).

Antwort von bento124:

"Peter Storm" wrote:

2. .......... My PC monitor is because of my photo editing farbkalibriert. Here is the test video in color fairly decent. Unfortunately differs in the color television which clearly. Although the rest of TV color is ok. Is that always so? How can I change this?

When a Still Image for example in subtractive 4 colors to be printed, then the monitor on the characteristics of the CMYK model tuned. So if you're of the opinion that your television to the general standard of other Television and / or etc. Beamer roughly corresponds to, then you need a consistent way to monitor closely this representation vote.
There must be no large deviations. So for example I can not imagine that a slideshow with your Photoshop calibration presented on the television, the monitor screen so may differ.
It is therefore the primacy of the final product, it is important to monitor the vote and not vice versa.

Antwort von bento124:

@ PS

You have security because with a small menu where you can adjust the color space.

For video (HD) editing is the RGB color space to ITU-R BT.709 planned.

If you want to access the matrix only manual can tell decision, I will give you the values.

If you are the current values can not save them, write them on so that you have your setting for the photo editing to restore it.
Modern monitors have, but actually a color, with which you comfortably can make the settings.

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