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HDV oder AIC final cut Pro

HDV or AIC final cut pro

Frage von franka2:
Januar 2011

hello. I have the following problem:
due to faulty tapes, I was forced to sign a part of my materials einzuspielen in imovie.
I have now with everything I rehearsed movie material (approx. 20 hours) in the apple intermediate codec though my Final Cut Pro project in HDV and I have the rest of the material recorded so and native performance demands.
I want everything now in the final cut in import and export as HDV AIC, so I then NEN file with the project I can work.?
comparatively, the HDV export but schelcht than the AIC file.
batching is synonymous impossible because of all tc problems
what is the best way to continue working?
so far I've always smaller HDV projects with the AIC codec edited. project for hours but she has 150 and I'm already in HDV 3 TB
oh man, am really confused and no idea grad.
Thank you in advance for anwtorten

Antwort von Axel:

I would do in Final Cut Pro one (with so much material rather several) timeline in AIC. The gecapturte footage in iMovie and I would import the same name in the browser clearly (reverse Logging) and rename then right-click synonymous originals ("file to match the clip"). There is no more problematic to mix HDV and AIC as HDV and ProRes. The frame rate and image size are identical. If f in "Date" have you, you have to preset the AIC duplicate and edit so far that there field dominance: is no.
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What you should do in any case, is everything in HDV, the more compressed codec to export. Take AIC as a master! Already taken cuts in an HDV timeline can copy & paste copy into a new AIC timeline. Time to code, it is not chaos, if you just keep the Project Lead Ropes and all is well named.

A small chance still exists to capture the footage as HDV in Final Cut Pro again. Setting in User Settings When TC-Break new clip Create (or whatever that means), there is a second time: in the Log & Capture - Windows:
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Explanation: Start / Stop detect Final Cut Pro because it was a timecode break. If the tape is badly damaged, the HDV is likely to have many artifacts. My tip: Never use the once gecapturte AIC is real problem in every way - unless you had not noticed in iMovie the default capture setting in HD 960 x 540 "to change" full picture "to ...

How to login now a tape that is full of errors? Automatic Clip separation falls flat. It names the entire tape and it capturet s.Stück. Then reacted with i + o fixed cut-outs, the man with command + u to make Subclips whose names have already been highlighted in the browser, so you only have a new pure-typed and confirmed, then you go next with the same i + o.

If you have everything "backwards logged", it throws everything useful stuff in Time Lines. Then it would be a nightmare with so-mass s.Footage announced, with the help of the media manager the unused material (not in one of the Project timelines) to delete.

Antwort von franka2:

hello thank you for the detailed answer.
in the movie i s.ich course to full screen captured. that would be no problem to start stop me recognition is of course synonymous known. I've already tried some things fakt that I capture with only movie i was able to lose as little material.
problem was with that movie i was only with automatic scene detection, otherwise the problems were synonymous. now I have a tape of the dozens of clips my already long list of bands 150 do even more confusing. Therefore I will make a full file from the clips with which I work then. This is of course synonymous in the AIC. works fine in my project HDV.
is of course now ask ne space because it is close slowly, but maybe.
HDV is inferior to AIC? (I'm really sorry cinematographer)
I've now accepted the 130 tapes recorded in HDV.
are the worse of AIC to HDV files exported as the ones I import natively in HDV?

Antwort von Axel:

"Franka2" wrote:
HDV is inferior to AIC?

No, because more information than the original can not have a copy, even if it is of toilet paper transfer on handmade paper. But the loss is not visible. It will not be able to distinguish between original and fake, if they run side by side in QT windows. As I wrote: Absolutely no problem to mix.
"Franka2" wrote:
... are the worse of AIC to HDV files exported as the ones I import natively in HDV?

Absolutely. It is a copy of a copy. I do not know how bad the differences fall into the eye, but I bet in the above-described Comparison slushy version of the one immediately catches the eye. Man walks of stronger to weaker Compression Compression, but the master does not return back.

"Franka2" wrote:
... This is of course synonymous in the AIC. works fine in my project HDV.

Or: You are the timelines can be as HDV and pull the AIC in there. In the end, but you export the finished movie as AIC cut, or even better than ProRes. Why not?

Antwort von franka2:

ok so original HDV best qualified is synonymous if AIC is much greater.
I say export eggs as an AIC file is now only the problem space 12GB to about 26th ...
I simply do intersect in my HDV timeline (s) and for DVD etc I export anyway ald Apple ProRes.
to the space problem then I'm on the safe side, or did I miss something?
ps: if I set the timeline settings to AIC I can not gecapturten HDV files to import.
only remaining option as HDV timeline?
thank you

Antwort von Axel:

"Franka2" wrote:
ps: if I set the timeline settings to AIC I can not gecapturten HDV files to import.
only remaining option as HDV timeline?
thank you

There is actually no preference on which you set the timeline. The fact that you can not pull in an AIC HDV timeline should, I think not. What are the signs they can not?

Antwort von franka2:

True, it was then. Do not know maybe had too much running in background ....

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