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Frage von Andre:

hello s.alle :-)

Unfortunately, I can start with Ulead Studio 10 plus HDV and not synonymous with recording never saw the possibility.

I close my hd camera normally s.den pc via fire wire to it, and it is detected. Ulead but only in DV, HDV, he tells me that no camera is connected .. what do I do?

Many thanks for your help!


Antwort von grovel:

HDVSplit use.


Antwort von Andre:

hello and many thanks,
I've tried HDV Spilled, equal to more :-)

My question yes it like I can draw things with Ulead on the PC, why did I myself bought the program otherwise? Why does not recognize my camera and Ulead HDV split already?.

HDV Split:
He recognizes the camera but he saves the movies in my ubekannten M2T file format, which is hard to do the Windows movie player.

s is also shown that it can not find HDV Spilled the vide mpeg2 decoder and can I undkonfigurieren install ffdshow?
what does that mean?

which the recordings were very defective: With every movement developed strong lines that make the material really unsightly. And how do kommendie how can I prevent that? DV modu there are not

what exactly am I to do with the mpeg2 decoder now?

Many thanks for your help!


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