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hat HDV noch Zukunft (HDV-das Format von gestern?)

HDV still has future (HDV format of yesterday?)

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Januar 2007


happy synonymous to me, I would take a semiprof. HDV camcorder to purchase, but as fast as it is currently approaching, questions arise for me, such as whether the original HDV format is not already the HD format of yesterday. Do you nihct that AVCHD with everything can be better, or perhaps come more to. I want to stop to avoid that I am now a pile of money and invest in a few years, the snow of yesterday, because maybe something else has prevailed. Straight from the HDV cams with tape drive are tremendously uncomfortable what the post concerned, or am I mistaken there? Good, AVCHD is still garnicht editing.

But what makes me aback: why does it take sooo long to play intelligent solutions are available? There is already a very long time HDV Cams and panels, but still no way HD-DVD video on to others, right? And why is that? I just do not want to jump into the cold if you know what I mean ...

Thank you for your helpful contributions
Zero time?

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Wait hold on the format of tomorrow ...

Antwort von Eva Maier:

It makes me aback that there was no playback options

If you miss the article on DRM (Digital Right Management) has in recent years have, for example, that without DRM hardware since 2002 in the USA no longer can be imported, or at Wikipedia AACS times looking for, then you will discover that we with the new technology odentlich be shitty. And without it there is no HD. (on wheels)

/ mfg
Eva Maier

Antwort von darkcobalt:


Antwort von darkcobalt:

@ Eva Maier

what do you mean with "properly be shitty"?

Antwort von Schilla_:

I think the HDV only a temporary solution to "mature" HD or a higher-resolution format will be. The problem with larger Resolutionbei constant amount of data is in the consumer area clearly visible, plus the Compression.
AVCHD trau I do not really, because with all of the hard drive is not fully developed yet (only one speaker only times from amateur / prosumer range) is.
With a 500gig disk and min 25 mbit would drüber so to speak, but so far has the technology yet. HDV comes to me only once not in question (synonymous drüber have thought) and I've heard that many continue to remain until the computer time (and of course, computing power) are ready for HD is editable.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

I would dagegenhalten,
Who buys pixel zusammenkomprimiertes TV and audio and video to have.

Here we are and the process of this new (super) Technology

For video, the problem at least as large as in audio.

/ E

Antwort von Frank B.:

I'm always skeptical when considering the future; o)

I would like to know, technically speaking, the best possible s.Qualität from the pick or make recordings. Since HDV is currently the measure of all things.
My SonyFX 1 represents everything I had previously s.Camcordern in the shade.
AVCHD has certainly potential, but the editing on the PC is more complicated than that of HDV. In addition, the previously offered a camcorder FX 1, FX 7 or XH A1 one has not grown. It may be that they maybe a bit sharper than one may represent FX 1, but that's not all. The large number of picture settings and the depth of behavior and even various other controls are also vital for a good picture and sound composition. All future systems. When asked to stop just how long. It is just a fast-moving time. Who knows how long before the computer itself, so who knows about how long we have before us? o)

philosophical greetings

Antwort von Schilla:

To a time to emphasize
Progress through the HD and HDV, especially in the field of Green Screen and of course, the sharpness, quality ect. is uncontroversial only HDV is (from my point of view) is possible up to now but with great effort (to say nothing of HD) regarding computing power / memory / purchase.
Especially bemängelnswert is still holding the post regarding editing 3D effects where people always get headaches.
A question of time, therefore, IT is now very cheap to purchase and still good broadcast.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

Hi guest
neatly with my shitty that I myself as TV Consumer pixels will be prefixed
s.die makers while simultaneously increasing requirements given

/ E

Antwort von wolfgang:

I am always surprised, with what speed for HDV is declared dead. Preference of users who so obviously have not yet filmed, but to know exactly why they want to film not synonymous, and where there is so s.jeglicher experience with this recording format lacking.

High-resolution playback options are long - about the SC200, the TViX HD, the Kiss 600, the 8500th Xoro The fact that Blue-ray and HD-DVD as long as time is s.anderen reasons (technology dispute, controversy over copy protection).

The fact that HDV is not dead, you're alone recognizes that the camcorder priced high-end models - SonyFX7, Canon A1 - unchanged in HDV2 record. For the prosumer gehobeneren claim at least. At a current of middle-class PC Aldi HDV is already well and quickly cut.

AVCHD covers the spectrum previously priced tend to bottom, and is currently more of a format for those who do not want to edit. This format is only a few solutions that cut - and a native of this processing would be shaped more massive computing power required.

It may be that with the JVC Everio announced the full-HD upscale consumer in the age range will be launched. But after what we now know, the recording will be synonymous as there m2t happen, just like HDV.

So as soon I would not for HDV died explain synonymous wenns only a consumer format.

Antwort von Uwe:

"wolfgang" wrote:
High-resolution playback options gibts long - ... the TViX HD, the Kiss 600, the 8500th Xoro

The user reports on these "parts" in your forum but can not animate, such a device to buy.

How Bruno called it but the same => "Klapper boxes ".....

Antwort von wolfgang:

If Bruno's own SC200 Klapper crate as described, I will of course not resist him speak! After all, he had quite early on to ...

For the 8500 Xoro I can say that technically, as regards the playing of HDV2 material works quite weak are the extremely weak remote control and the occasionally rather noisy drive.

The fact is, however, that these devices be HD-quality playback equipment. Least s.Kritik heard incidentally from TViX HD, since the users should still s.zufriedensten with it. These devices have at least the advantage that they are relatively cheap - which is so in the price range from 180 to 300 euros (depending on the plate in the TViX HD).

Look at times the report to the HD-E1 DVD Player Toshiba, if not yet done. The times we can not 1080 50i as 50i but only as a 60i output, and still cost around 600 euros:


Here was the point that such devices are already there - long time we have even waited in vain on.

Personally, I see it this way: with one of the above solutions can easily wait times, which is because the Blue-ray and HD-DVD devices will do so when the clean for Europe finally adjusted and priced to be affordable.

Antwort von Johannes:

And here is the answer to your question in the latter
NO, the next format is JDVF ;-)


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