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Frage von Beppo:


Here is certainly a little awkward beginner question:
I have a lot of HDV tapes. Until now I have the Canon XH A1 via firewire s.den PC and hanged me the shots in Edius 4 s.PC angeguckt and then cut. Now I would like to but instead of a camera playback device, so I better synonymous with Live Picture and outward Herspulen can. Can I please because someone has a recommendation to?

Thank you very much!



Antwort von felix75:

Sony GV-HD700E ...


Antwort von Beppo:

Danke schon mal!

I would really only the Camera erstezen, so I do not need a screen, etc. And the thing should just synonymous s.den PC anchließbar his and with such a wheel equipped to allow for fast live preview can rewind. In Edius will then be visible to the whole thing, so I can capture the same therein.

Is it so what?



Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Beppo" wrote: ... do not need a screen ...
Then came perhaps the HVR-M15E Sony out of the broadcast program in question, which will cost around 2500 euros.

"Beppo" wrote: ... with such a wheel equipped ...
Such a "jog shuttle", the M15 I recall, however, does not. Have a look at the Sony website in accordance with the details.

Gruß Bernd E.


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