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HDV filmen, schneiden, ausgeben ?

HDV to film, cut spending?

Frage von sglam67:
Mai 2008

Servus each other!

I'm quite a Weil s.mitlesen. In many contributions I have received individual information, but the whole big picture hab 'I do not remember:

I film with a JVC GZ-HD7 and photograph also. For my projects I make slideshows with images and video sequences. Although I am a full-HD LCD have, I prefer "HD-Ready" as a resolution, the difference is not relevant for me. Atmo coming of a zoom H2, is also O-Music and Sound untergelegt.

As the preferred output format I have WMV-HD 720p30 used, bitrate 10 Mbit, so until now remained nothing to be desired, is played on a media PC in the living room.

Unfortunately, all my tests from the HDV MPEG sequences reasonable 720p25 or 720p30 movie to make, only with enormous loss of quality or huge file sizes (8 min = 500 MB) ended (eg, via a small Docus Halbmaraton, etc.)

Sliced is with Premiere Pro 2.0, for the de-interlacing test, I have half the Re: vision FieldsKit Deinterlacter used - saumässige Render time (~ 16 hours for 8 minutes of film) on a Dual-Core.

Thank you ever for a few hints of what I am doing wrong.

Antwort von beiti:

So it sounds all a total post-up.

Why you need a deinterlacer, if you already have in 25p or 30p to do?

How do you on the idea that 500 MB for 8 minutes "a lot" are? That is a lot less data than DV (1700 MB for 8 minutes)!

What is absolutely the goal, or where is the problem? You write one, "it was nothing to be desired," the other jammerst you over the outcome.

What exactly do you want to achieve? Want to burn DVDs? Do you want the movies on the Internet?

Antwort von sglam67:

Hello beiti,

Thank you for requesting information, it seems to be a write-clutter to act:

- From the GZ-HD 7 comes 1080i50.
- Old movies were "just" slide shows, without cinematics
- The films are mainly used for private home on the TV, but will be synonymous may be. Hence my desire for WMV-HD, which is (in my circles) in a format that I can pass safely.

Now I would like in addition to the already well-established slideshows synonymous at times involve film. And there lies the crux of the matter: The films must have at least included deinterlaced, because otherwise (when playing via Windows Media Center) marked interlacing structures are visible.

What surprised me is just the disproportion: My last Diashop South Africa (24 min) in 720p30 was in about 6 hours durchgerendert (best quality). Now I need 8 minutes for approximately 16 hours - but only the movie.

If I need a new calculator, says it prefers the same ...

Antwort von jazzy_d:

I do synonymous WMV HD 50p but directly from the Adobe Media Encoder. It is important then the "Output" window at the hoes "Merging" and to put in the tab "Video" at the hoes "Allow interlaced processing" omit. Then deinterlaced. The ratio of run-time video / Render time grad I know now not memorized on my dual core Pentium.

Antwort von beiti:

A slideshow is obviously disproportionate to compress better than a movie. During the slideshow, the transitions need only be a lot of data, most of the images in between are repeated only. For videos (especially those which are freely rotated) is significantly different from each Picture as the previous one, because in order to have the same quality to come, the data amount to a multiple. Insofar slideshow can be synonymous only limited experience on films transferred.

Your pass to WMV and 720/30p or 720/25p might function as an interim solution, but the last word on the subject, it is certainly not. The question is what (synonymous future) use the films to be suitable. (I think, for example, to the burning of BDs, which in two years is certainly affordable.)
The GZ-HD7 is indeed virtually in HDV to be synonymous, it should be possible to use the HDV material directly as a cutting. Any deterioration of the material (eg, deinterlacing, scaling), I would, if at all, then perform s.fertigen film - and the HDV original yet somehow synonymous archived.

As for the interlace problem is concerned, I would synonymous verify that it is not for the Windows Media Center a different / better player who makes himself deinterlaces. It can not be that all owners of HD camcorders with interlaced format (and yes these are still the vast majority of) their material only for hours by any deinterlacer hunt them. So MCE must still be able to interlace format of neatly from view.
Perhaps it is just s.der mixture. Perhaps the problem would not occur if you have videos and films alike as HDV in 1080/50i would create. Perhaps the MCE would be correctly interpreted.

Antwort von Conducator:

I basically agree with my previous speakers!

Supplement: In no case your 50i material to 30p material to convert. 25p is OK, because 50 can be half to 25 frames together - everything else is botch!

Antwort von sglam67:

'm Just s.Rendern. Rendering time is much lower, probably Filesize synonymous. It seems to me that's the tip with the "assembly" in the Media Encoder.

More if the movie is finished ...

Antwort von sglam67:

So ...

the rendering was really much faster, but unfortunately it is the interlace problem has not gone. Da werd 'I probably still need a little practice.

Well, I hope that in my workflow was a mistake, and the faster deinterlacing after rendering without Deinterlace is so much faster than before.

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Perhaps this is yet an additional deinterlace Effect or so in the timeline is active. The course should be disabled if you are in the Adobe Media Encoder "together".

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