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HDV-Workflow für Low-Budget Filmproduktion Teil 2 – Günstige HD-Preview

HDV workflow for low-budget film, Part 2 - Best HD Preview

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
April 2007

HDV workflow for low-budget film, Part 2 - Best HD Preview of rudi - 5 Apr 2007 18:12:00
> Who is a good preview to have cut, actually requires a special (and usually quite expensive) HD monitor. It is synonymous but much cheaper ...
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Antwort von Blackeagle123:


nicely done, is only the question of whether more people do not currently do as an HD Television additionally adapter. However interesting, such as with the Hz-related figures.

I thought, I prefer to choose 100Hz, or 60, because my monitor will not be so extreme flickers? (otherwise there such a migraine-Effect)

Second question: Is there already synonymous with Premiere Pro 1.0 Play this attitude? I have yet found nothing to my second monitor as fullscreen video preview to be used.
I place something that I can under Windows is still with my dual screen working?

Many dear greetings

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Addition: I do not work with a cutting board, but with a fast graphics card and 3.2 GHz Calculator. I think the attitude towards real-time playback has nothing to do, or?

Many greetings,

Antwort von rudi:

graphics card with 2 outputs ranges. Show first that the dual view is configured so that each monitor its own resolution can drive. (otherwise makes so much sense.)
Then such times in Premiere Pro 1.0 after the dot "Playback Settings". I do not know exactly whether PP 1.0 already, but click times with the right mouse button in the preview window. I think it was already there ...
In the new version you'll find the setting usrechts above in the preview window (small symbolic arrow). But this arrow gabs then (I think) yet.

Many success ..

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

in the playback settings do I, whether the video output to tape, or s.pc to be shown, as if the sound on the audio device or a DV device to be played (eg a TV, the camera is connected s.der )

Other settings I could not yet find a pity. I think APP 1.0 offers the possibility yet.

Why is it the monitor to 50Hz and not at 60, 70, or maybe even 100? Or is 50Hz, the maximum under the Resolutioninterlaced supported?

Many greetings,

Antwort von rudi:

Why is it the monitor to 50Hz and not at 60, 70, or maybe even 100?

Because yes, the preview video with 25 frames or 50 fields indicates.
Then, exactly corresponds to the refresh rate of the displayed image, or a multiple thereof.

At 60 Hz need eg 50 fields to 60 split screen refresh. Exactly this happens (as mentioned in the article) for many TFTs and looks at movements sch ... out.

At 100 Hz, each Picture shown exactly twice what interlaced material in turn leads to the same problem that is synonymous 100 HZ-Television have ....

On the cleanest and best is, therefore, 50Hz for the preview. No more and no less ... And do you now almost exclusively with its tube.

Antwort von etch:

Has anyone by chance the name of the tool for AtiKarten ready?

Thank you very much

Antwort von Hollinizer:

The 2.0 RivaTuner can supposedly synonymous with many ATI cards together. I have tried myself, however, it does not.

Here is the link ...


Antwort von Urs:

Actually, the Catalyst Drivers 25i an option before 1080, when the correct device attached.

http://www.videotreffpunkt.com/thread.php?postid=47397 # post47397

Antwort von Urs:

How do things look at the Mac and Final Cut Pro?
The MacPros have only yes or DVI out?
Can easily convert to analog, in the driver settings?

Antwort von PowerMac:

The DVI to VGA adapter costs 19 euros.
I have it synonymous in Final Cut Pro probiert. However, I had always been via Digital Cinema Preview in Final Cut Pro a preview on a side tube monitor, if only synonymous with 1280x1024. Nevertheless, the colors were very good. After these instructions, you monitor its output to the native resolution of HD material in order to 1080/50p. Ie it is with "Display ConfigX" a Resolutionvon either 1440x1080 or 1920x1080 at 50 Hz. This goes for many 19 "ern. Depending on the configuration you have to equalize s.Monitor manual. The Digital Cinema Preview works then on the second or third monitor with native Resolutionund native refresh rate.

Antwort von Urs:

So is the new s.dieser method to set the exact HD resolution?
Is it better, the "squashed" 1440er Picture view or GraKa on the 1920 scale to be ...?
Many 22 "have the least of her locker anfahrbaren Resolutions 1920x1080, I get such an accurate preview?

Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes. Final Cut Pro are only equalized from anyway. HDTV in my 1080/50i are internal only 1440x1080, but are of Final Cut Pro for output always equalized. Rather Dehalb of Final Cut Pro can equalize. Otherwise you would have in the sequence settings of Final Cut Pro rumpfuschen. Dear s.Monitor equalize. That's pretty good, when you're in a square produces Photoshop ...;)

Antwort von Makko:


sounds very good, but will not recognize monitor, so I play it in the settings could.
Only Firewire and nix.

Has anyone the problem had already synonymous and resolved?


Antwort von PowerMac:

If you have Final Cut Pro installed correctly, you can "Digital Cinema Preview" to select as the output medium.

Antwort von Makko:

... OK, have forgotten to say that I have Final Cut but do not use Premiere. And he offers me no choice s.als monitor.
VG Markus

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

So I'm working also with a CRT monitor as

Antwort von uva:

I would be happy with Avid Xpress Pro all realize, however, depends s.der current graphics card. It is an Nvidia Quadro 3500, and RivaTuner does not s.der resolution. EDID (ie the monitor information), I must ignore, since it is not available. Is there another program which Resolutionfür a Quadro can change? Greeting uva

Antwort von schnuffelkalli:

this test is designed for native HD format has been used?

Antwort von rudi:

this test is designed for native HD format has been used?

We had, inter alia, HDV in the timeline (ie m2t MPEG). But so far worked synonymous with all other codecs and formats ...


Antwort von deto:

therefore is to ensure that the silky smooth running of Edius is not based on the use of Canopus own HQcodec
On our two machines on which Edius test runs, the performance with the original m2t all material other than soft butter. M2t läüft Premiere With 2 significantly better!

Antwort von deto:

The experience I have also done with native m2t ...

Antwort von JMitch:

Because it is in the case P-Pro 2.0 is demultiplexed before it on the timeline is coming!

Antwort von msteini3:

If I were now in addition to the CRT monitor preview for 2 LCDs will attach to 2 monitors with the editing program to use, I need a graphics card, s.die I can connect 3 monitors.

Is responsible for what is recommended?


Antwort von scream:

Look at

Antwort von JMitch:

Nee, when in the NLE-GPU graphics cards useful einesetzen want - many are already using this NLE to 50fach faster way to the CPU - you take what of ATI or nVidia. There you can also make dual monitor operation.

Antwort von msteini3:

Of course, the graphics cards of ATI and Nvidia dual monitor operation. But in this case is a Tripplemonitorbetrieb necessary. And since I have no idea what the Grakas can!

Antwort von JMitch:

Your graphics card you can not be used for rendering, which up to 50 times faster than by CPU.

Antwort von msteini3:

Why MY graphics card?

I am looking for one in which I presented in the article as a CRT monitor as an HD preview monitor and an additional 2 LCDs for the handling of the cutting program can be hung! So I need a triple monitor card. Sowas gibts of ATI or Nvidia?

Antwort von schattenblick:

Well, you buy s.besten you just ne second graphics card to do so. If you no two PCIe 16 slots, you had to ne card for PCI / PCIe <16 to buy and then hang the monitor, with which you want to preview more s.die card.

Antwort von schattenblick:

Stupid question ... : Applies above synonymous for SDV? If the preview on a tube monitor on the graphics card via overlay synonymous with the SDV-resolution, ie 720x576 px at 50Hz possible?

Antwort von PowerMac:

"SDV" does not exist.

Antwort von MeikelTi:

Regardless of whether it is "SDV" there or not:
Applies above synonymous for a Resolutionvon 720x576 px at 50Hz? Actually, nothing speaks against it?!

Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes. Try it out. For me it is.

Antwort von Ivan:

Works for me fine with AP - I think allerdigs in Edius 4 are not for external monitor setting. Kann mir da jemand weiter helfen? Thank you.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Question look at GM for ...

Antwort von Noakyl:

Sorry - what / who is it GM?

Antwort von camworks:

gv = = Grass Valley in the fall http://www.canopus.de

Antwort von geid0r:


I use Premiere CS3 and have just synonymous tried to restrict the output to an external monitor to make. Unfortunately, it's not. I have everything set up as described above, the second monitor works flawlessly in Windows, only in Premiere, I can not select him.

I can "Play Settings" -> "external device" just "25i DV (720x576)" option.

Can someone tell me why this is?

Have already rebooted several times without success.


Antwort von geid0r:

Someone get an idea?

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