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Frage von JanMAG:

The question is a little embarrassing, but I get it out is not easy to specify a different folder for the "captured" videos. My 1st hard drive is full and the videos have been stored on the hard drive in Edius folder. Now I want to import the footage Imported the footage in a different folder on the 2nd Save hard drive. Only when I change the folder?
Under Einstelluingen-> Application Settings-> Application-> Project File> standard folder certainly not!


Gruß Peter


Antwort von WeiZen:

In general, the data is applied to land where the Project.
Where the capture clips can be stored under Application Settings, change>>> Folders command before recording.
Is activated, a window appears before the capture of the location and the name.
Is it to be synonymous in a separate bin folder, just create the BIN folder and then switch, then start the capture set, then the place, then start the capture.


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