Infoseite // HELP! Avid sequence edited to recreate old one?

Frage von megahias:

Hello dear folks,

I have a huge problem.
Have all day s.einer sequence worked, then tinkered long s.einem complicated effect. While most of tinkering, I have a large part of the sequence are deleted and I could not go back with undo if they would have been returned.

Saves Avid sequences somewhere between? In the attic? Can I recover this somehow?

In response, I would be very very grateful, that has cost me a lot of time and effort ...

We thank and salute



Antwort von Medienmacher:

Hi megahias.

This is annoying, but you should learn from this experience, and faced with complex and extensive changes in a sequence ALWAYS make a duplicate of the sequence. Duration exactly 2 seconds, and you are on the secure page, if something goes wrong.

To solve: with the ATTIC folder you lie properly. However, there only saves AVID complete bins, instead of individual sequences. So you can try to get there, of the last saved and BIN to look at what stage the sequence is in it.

Good luck


Antwort von megahias:


erstmal vielen Dank!
How do I get the file in there for now, only files in the subfolder with the name of 32-File.
I've copied the whole thing into a project, but he can open anything ...

How is this?

Thanks and greetings



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