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HELP!!! MPEG2 Capture in Echtzeit!? Matrox RT2500 wie?

HELP! MPEG2 capture in real time? Matrox RT2500 how?

Frage von Zex:
Dezember 2006

Can the MATROX RT2500 überhaupt?

have a Matrox RT2500, and would simply like video (DV camera, VCR ...) in MPEG2 format in real time on PC.

How do I?
Have Premiere 6.0 installed and the whole MatorxVideo tools, as I could see there, is only as AVI Capture! see nowhere where settings for MPEG2.

I just want that my digit. Same video footage as MPEG2 on the PC arrives!

Antwort von Markus:


The RT2500 because a hardware MPEG2 encoder or any software supported by the incoming DV data in MPEG2 compression?

The RT.X10 can not capture directly into MPEG2, which already RT.X100 however. With the RT2500 I know not enough.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

Is obviously a little problem, now to guess where you are in the premiere settings need.

For me it's in every instance so that I "Studio" Select
then (right) settings - since then I have different ways
Recording, audio, rendering, etc.

Is there so synonymous with Thee?

/ Eve

Antwort von Bamboo:

Hello Eve,

'm s.verzweifelt with the map, have been following this since 3 months, they still do not run. Did I honestly just two synonymous busy times ...

First, my computer freezes while the installation of Matroxtools always! (Pentium4, WinXP Pro SP2, Nvidia graphics card GForce4 MX440)
Is apparently with some other hardware not ...

I've known When the card is installed, everything works correctly. Only that MATROX RT with Premiere 6.5 does not select it (not available), even though I fix for 6.5 was executed.

But no preference, it was at least 6.0 at the premiere with famous.
No matter what I've converted, so what type of capture, it has always saved AVI. Went the same way as you: Recording> recording> settings> recording format (MATROX RT),
dan next one, when I chose Compressor MPEG2 I-frame and start the recording ... the result is again an AVI.

Do I have observed in the dei MatroxVideoTools what?
Or how should I proceed with the installation? only to what?
Can you give me just explain that please?


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Unfortunately I can not exactly explain to you, because I myself have no Matrox card.
Since you have to hope that a card holder comes.

Otherwise, of course, a search in the network announced,

What's the AVI is concerned so you need to look at the synonymous eighth Size
AVI AVI is not the same!

And especially do not like the towel throw.

/ Eve

Antwort von Markus:

"Zex" wrote:
Is apparently with some other hardware not ...

That is exactly my approach, because a Matrox RT card is not easy to build into an existing calculator, but you build the calculator according to the compatibility lists virtually around the RT card around.

Possibly synonymous explains why the card in the PC of your friend in your work and not.

Furthermore, a specific installation order (hardware AND software) to be so after all internal interfaces are properly defined. For this you have to look at the instructions of the RT2500 consult.

Thinning can I give you all of this work is not. I myself have a RT.X100 and the score is probably in many completely different.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

I can understand the contribution of Mark's only full support. I myself have one or more installed Pinnacle DC1000, which run only on computers synonymous with BX440 chipset optimal.
Also what Reihenfolde program installation concerns Markus has the nail on the head.

Would still add that one should avoid a number of similar programs to install the driver there salad, (I did with the whole system Ulead versaut)

Meanwhile, I have for each theme (audio, video, test) an extra handy calculator and see because it has been running for over 6 years of faithful and reliable.

Since then it disturbs not synonymous when the calculator is a little slower or just as everything in AVI needs to be made.
The last operation must be rendered anyway

/ Eve

Antwort von Zex:

Happy new year!

OK, new PC build.

The RT2500 I have already:) what's next?
what mainboard funnzt 100% with the card, what graphics card?
Who can think that's pretty safe to say? s.besten someone who already works with RT2500.
Enjoy buying tips for hardware component! for example, left ebay ...

I'm ONLY to fast forward for DVD productions, and Effects cut interest me enough! I need the fastest routes MPEG2 format (DVD video standard).
Without AVI first and then spend hours MPEG Encoding ...

Or there are other solutions as RT2500?, Of course, at least in the same encoding quality? for not much money! I grabbed the RT2500, because they are synonymous in the professional field will use / found, and now cheap to acquire. (70 ¬ paid)
If MPEG2 quality is synonymous in the industry can use!

Sorry for many questions, but if not here where else?

THANKS in advance!

Antwort von walthermarco:

very fast and simple: neither the 2500 nor RT Adobe 6.xx are able to cut HD! That you would have by simply studying the Projektpresets noted.

Antwort von Zex:


who is talking here of HD material cut?

Can only capture of MPEG2 (720x576) in real time!
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Las straight RT2500 and what it was called:
"Acceleration of MPEG2 Encoding ..."

That makes me aback! may be only the encoding of AVI MPEG2 accelerate or still synonymous in realtime MPEG2 capture it!
who can give me the 100% confirmation before I make long umeinnader with the RT2500 ...

Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Zex" wrote:
Can only capture of MPEG2 in real time!

If you now say why? Actually there is no reason, your computer - video in MPEG-2 conversion - except to s.Ende to create a DVD. And this is now real-time capability is not in doubt and asked if it cost space and / or quality. And for the previous section, MPEG-2 only botch. So What?

Antwort von Eva Maier:

Hi Zex
After None so use a Matrox card heist will probably lerarnig by doing.
You can, however, assume that the time spent to finished DVD does not change whether you now in AVI or MPEG2 Capturst.

On the contrary, with a quick calculator that goes with it comes SoftwareEncodern Flott, while Hardwarecompessoren everything about the card expires.

AVI, however, you can better edit unf back if necessary to secure tape.
Thus, I would suggest you try it first with AVI and look how long it lasts and especially if you ever reach the desired result.

For 90 minutes of film and only hard times I would cut 1 days schedule.

/ Eva Maier

Antwort von Eva Maier:

Can I record directly in MPEG-2 IBP format settings?

Yes. With Adobe Premiere and the RT2500, you can alternatively videos directly in MPEG-2 IBP format and thus AVI files that you immediately for the authoring of DVD titles with Sonic Solutions DVDit!.

Schönen Gruss of the Matrox Homepage

Antwort von Zex:

Hi Quadruplex,

exactly what I need! a finished DVD, and nothing else!
Capture as AVI video for hours as a logical last hour, then
Export MPEG2 from Premiere as needed my calculator again about 70 minutes! and those 70 minutes I could spare, I would immediately get an MPEG2 file.

So gehts mir.

Hello Eve,

until now I did it for four years, digitizer hardware Canopus ADVC as AVI (no Frameverlusste), then cut hard in Premiere and export as MPEG2 (CCE plug), the quality of course, thanks to CCE Professional.
I just thought to myself, maybe I can Encoding time / waiting time saving!
You have but rather, I sell the RT2500 again and get myself a super-fast processor, the encoding time for at least halved.
Everything else with the RT2500 is too stressful ...

liebe grüße

Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Eva Maier" wrote:
Schönen Gruss of the Matrox Homepage

Boah, Eva - you are indeed a great number ...

Just because the card that can (and origin of the asker does not check how it's done - because if it goes), it means yes or not, the approach makes sense.

Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Zex" wrote:
So gehts mir.

Sorry, Zex - this is a milk girls.

If you really totally unprocessed Your Videos on 'ne disc burn want to buy you' nen DVD recorder with Firewire input (tip: Panasonic) and is good.

Otherwise you should be aware that real-time MPEG-2-encoding must always be lower than the calculation before burning.

Either the real-time encoder looks at the quality - then it must be a few spendier bit more than a software encoder, which in peace in two passes with the best possible bit rate for each scene can identify. Means: With such a real-time encoder give you playing time.
Or the box optimized for playing - then it is (with the same time) necessarily worse than an encoder, which is also in two passes, the bits can be optimally distributed.

And otherwise, if you's necessarily of how you planned to do: RTFM.

Antwort von Zex:

Eva tries to Help!

Quadruplex, then let something meaningful of you come ...

Regardless of people, the issue with the Matrox RT2500, we can conclude!

If someone Knaller for my desire has * to be happy to write.

* Capture MPEG2 in real time and in a professional quality, including Instructions:)


Antwort von Eva Maier:

2 things:
1. On the Matrox website is how it's done, because there are synonymous a FAQ
2. A piece next top, I mentioned the Avi Avi is not the same.

Another point is whether I know of what I speak (write)
I can assure you that I have been in MPEG2 Capture,
and it's DVD or cassettes, I know that is where the limits are or how long it lasts (synonymous in Comparison).

If that is the first time to sense or nonsense then we discuss about all the strange, zusammengestrickten, impossible attempts here to be queried.

If this makes sense, then toast the New Year

/ Eva Maier

Antwort von Zex:

Proposal faster! THANKS

with the DVD recorders (Standalone) for me is not so useful, since these only the DVD + R burn. DVD + R has lower kompaktibilität at play with other players such as DVD-R.
This is such a thing with DVD recorders, it can be a problem occur when you burned it on a DVD player adneren want.

I want simply to ensure compatibility greatest! and avoid complaints. Therefore, DVD-R and not a commercial DVD recorder.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

Whether you with PC burners really will come clear, uncertain times, we leave here I have with the Panasonic and Philips recorder 410 blanks / measured with Plextools) best experience.

The Quatroplex has also with his view is not entirely wrong.

I think it is nonsense, however, if you take advantage of the cut card is not good just because you want something're unsure what the term "Avi" concerns.

Since I'd already tried a few first drive.

Because that is how it's described, the map in Mpeg2 to AVI but calls it

But there remains of course you leave

/ E

Antwort von Zex:

"Because that is how it's described, the map in Mpeg2 to AVI but calls it"
ooo, then I have friends but only when the card back and let the install with the AVI Dateibennenung detail.

Thanks for the information, ALL

Antwort von Eva Maier:

If the card is the record MPEG AVI movie in 1 minutes and 6MB / s data rate (+ PCM sound) about 60 MB large.
The orientation

/ E

Antwort von Zex:

oki, will be examined and adjusted.

eva, can send me your e-mail if further questions come times.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Zex" wrote:
with the DVD recorders (Standalone) for me is not so useful, since they only burn DVD + R
From DVD recorders I have little or no idea, but that it has long devices that are both synonymous as R-+ R can burn - even of the above recommended Panasonic brand - even I've already noticed.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

While I would not advertise, but the Panasonic is not really bad, the sekbstverständlich burns Everything You drive him into the side view.
The majority, however, like the Picture. Apart from that it is indeed better than the example of Sony or the other suspect, because there are still setting the image sharpness.
Reminds me s.die S-VHS recorder of the Pana had something synonymous and that was quite handy with analog recordings, In the XP mode (60Min) he synonymous PCM sound.
The menus look so unfortunately like DVDit or Magix, you can switch on the list but it is probably not aud foreign player transferable.
An attempt to DVD (synonymous himself admitted) to hard drive copy is unfortunately failed.
DRM is dominated übetrall halt.

/ E

Antwort von Zex:

actually there is now synonymous to the DVD-R and other burn! Am two years ago, more or less from all over the DVD authoring business ausgestigen ... At that time there was only the DVD + R recorder.

Antwort von Markus:

"Quadruplex" wrote:
... except for s.Ende to create a DVD. And this is now real-time capability is not in doubt and asked if it cost space and / or quality.

When RT.X100 none of the above limitations. It is simply beautiful and the quality quickly is astrein (unless it pushes the data too far down, as with any encoder). The somewhat synonymous answered the following question:

"Zex" wrote:
If someone Knaller for my desire has * to be happy to write.
* Capture MPEG2 in real time and in a professional quality, including Instructions:)

Leaves open whether the proposed use of a Panasonic DVD recorder (possibly synonymous with additional hard drive) would not be cheaper? The compatibility of the latest generation is also significantly better than the older Recorder.

BTW: DVD + R or DVD-R?

Antwort von Leolo:

Hi, Zex!
DV to mpeg2 with RT2500 does not work! (From the manufacturer
User Manual)
To do this, you should know that means RT2500: REAL TIME 2500,
Matrox people focused on real-time editing of the original material, including fades, filters, etc. I do not know until today no card (in the consumer sector), which accomplished this without rendering! Effects can be in, for example. Adobe Premiere 6.0 and the result set by mouse click to see! It is a pure and very quick film cut-and-Effect-processing card, but totally unsuited to the raw material on a DVD to burn. S-Video and composite materials can be easily in the MPEG2 format, the DV material is now of higher value, so why should DV quality at the point of recording on the PC runtergerubelt be?
For the export market (synonymous of uncut film) offers various Matrox
Format and encoder, the synonymous bemitleidendswerte * Computer -
Video graphs without RT2500 s.ihre DVD authoring software, next -
can give.
* when it comes to analog source material goes!

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