Infoseite // HP LP2275w as a preview monitor - 50 Hz problem?

Frage von emzet:

I have here in the forum so far found no clear statement:

Is the HP LP2275w is able to represent 50 Hz, and thus good use as a preview monitor when to cut?

Has anyone of these 24 "monitor in its production environment and if so, with what experience?

Thank you.


Antwort von Frank B.:

There are some (; PC) monitors of HP, which dominate the 50 Hz at full HD.

A friend is working to his satisfaction with the HP 2309m, which is, however, mirrored. I have the picture itself can not see, therefore, can not confirm the positive feedback. Therefore, I rely on the statements of my acquaintance, that the monitor provides a top at 50 Hz Picture.
Your monitor is selected, if I have not seen it, do not constitute a full-HD. Over the 50 Hz synonymous, I can find anything on the fly.
An alternative would be a television monitor, with the 50 Hz is likely to have few problems. One that struck me while I have taken my time on the short list - the Philips 22 PFL5604H. For my Canopus HD Storm i need only one HDMI input s.Monitor.
As you will realize your preview, you have not written, unfortunately.



Antwort von domain:

Description: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz (, native), all VESA modes up to 1600 x 1000 at 60, 66, 75 and 85 Hz

I would not recommend it because synonymous No full-HD resolution.
Simply take a small LCD TV with full resolution and HDMI port and the matter is settled.


Antwort von emzet:

Sorry, it was synonymous with a typo in my question in there :-(, I did not mean the LP in 2275 but the

HP LP 2 4 75w

This monitor can display full HD.
Since I am currently with the MacBook Pro and Final Cut Pro 6 cut, I want to use the monitor as a working monitor and implement the Digital Cinema Desktop Preview then on.

In the medium term is planned to be a Mac Pro with 2 monitors, which will serve as a mere preview monitor


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