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HV20 Qualität runterregelbar? PC gut genug?

HV20 quality runterregelbar? PC good enough?

Frage von r.kay:
März 2008

Hello community,

as its the title certainly can see, I have some concerns about the post-process is concerned.

I have a Pentium4 - 2Ghz with 1 GB Ram and a 128 MB graphics card ... I think the rich should s.Infos first?

Now I fear that I have problems with the finishing could get, so I wanted to ask if you're recording directly to the quality of the image may be down, so when no further problems and I think it will be quickly on the scene can bring; )
Should this not be the case, my PC would be sufficient for HDV edit to do this?

Many many thanks in advance for schonmal which, hopefully, helpful answers!



Antwort von segler:

The question on the PC is easy to answer: NO.
The old P4 were quite fast but for HDV, it is by far not. If Core Solo, then at least better faster 2.8GHz, 2GB RAM minimum, the GraKa is not really so Einflußübend. Is it AGP or at least have PCI16?
The quality is not down regulated. You can go through proxies, ie files of your camera must be in a small format change, while preserving the original files. Then you working only with the replacement of files during editing and cutting, then exchanged against the original files from large and from these render the finished movie. This is but only if the proxies exactly correspond to the large files which frames, length and location concerns.
The whole is rather expensive, time consuming and may be flawed.

Axel, San Jose

Antwort von r.kay:

Is it not possible to record HDV and DV in the full-quality on the PC to play? I have read and heard at least ...

Antwort von darg:

I have read the synonymous but I managed it better than ever. Why synonymous? HDV simply better Bildquität, accordingly, I work synonymous with it. I think you can get SD signals only if it is synonymous with SD has. Then the camera with me (HV10 and HV20) in locked mode.

Axel, San Jose

Antwort von r.kay:

According to this video but you can via the FireWire connection transferred in SD?


Antwort von segler:

So with the Z1 went wonderfully without any problems.
It is said that in HD and recorded in the PC designated as Sd videos a bit better, so what colors?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"r.kay" wrote:
... Is it not possible to record HDV and DV in the full-quality on the PC to play ...

But, that is: This Herunterkonvertieren in camera, any HDV camcorder.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von r.kay:

Many Thanks s.Euch!

Thus, my decision on the HV20 liked that I now will order next week;)



Antwort von Michaela:


Some software programs offer a proxy setting, such as Ulead Video Studio Plus and I know Magix. Since then reaches an average performance probably from ... (see, however, my equivalent post). MfG Colo.

Antwort von edgar:

I'm quite sure that the HV20 HD-SD down conversion can do that. You kanst always in HD and dubbing to the PC to decide whether HD or SD output will be.
Is there a setting in your camcorder, look in the manual.
Section Head

Antwort von kkutte:

Have a HV20 and a "lame Calculator" Pentium 4 2.4 Giga
and 1Giga Ram
This can only work with tricks.
I would still recommend you play the film as HD Below a movie can then render in DV. Thus, you can reasonably cut.
If your movie is finished you have the exchange data files with the HD files in the appropriate folder and play the movie in HD quality Camera.Habe back to so many successful films in good quality and cut,
and in HD s.Television.Werde me now, however, buy a new calculator because although this system works well but requires some s.Zeit.
Good luck with your camera, I'm with the HV20 after a good year, a lot of film is still very satisfied.

Antwort von andrempga:

you can play back the HV20?

Antwort von kkutte:

"Anonymous" wrote:
you can play back the HV20?

Yes! HV20 because it is in HD and DV's easily tied back to play.
That was for me to actually buy Cassette.Weil I do not have a buck on expensive Blue-Ray burner or something else had.

Antwort von Colo:

Hello HV 20 - filmmakers,

The Return Playing a rendered movie on my HV 30, I would like to try synonymous, works for me but not because VideoStudio 11.5 Pros I absolutely do not recognize the camcorder and thus no communication between software and camera takes place. Do you have the Connection between Camera and Software and Gehimtipp? For tips, I would be grateful. (That I've done capturing with HDV Split) Greeting Colo.

Antwort von kkutte:

"Colo" wrote:
Hello HV 20 - filmmakers,

The Return Playing a rendered movie on my HV 30, I would like to try synonymous ...

Can I tell you it does not sagen.Ich had recently completed a HV30 and a friend of the erkannt.Ich was synonymous use immediately, however, still synonymous Magix and win beautiful XP.Habe often heard the HV models
machen.Das problems under Vista, I will soon see there, I have a new growth of the calculator is then synonymous with Vista so be equipped.

Antwort von joachino:

Thanks for the response, incidentally, the first that I have received this forum! On my own questions, I unfortunately did not get a reply, which rather disappointed me, because I of the other forums do not actually know.
Synonymous still have XP. Then my communication problems could only lie s.der software? If I knew certainly that with Magix better for me would I yes to change. But 1 +1 are just right in the computer field are not always 2nd .. I'm still a bit puzzled on this. MfG Colo.

Antwort von Colo:

Hello Kkutte,

after your notice with the Magix software once I have downloaded the trial version and-see as they immediately recognize my HV 30! Be with this version in the next few days mess something, vsdas rendering times for free (because I had days with Ulead problems, what makes me very very much time and nerves has cost!) And possibly change. Only annoying, because before I purchase the number of tests Uleadsoftware forum posts and have read and felt the right decision. But may prefer a misjudgment as a permanent annoyance. Let's see. Beautiful Easter! Colo

Antwort von kkutte:

[quote = "Colo"] Hello Kkutte,

Hello colo
I am pleased to help you work konnte.Ich long synonymous with Magix has sometimes' hooks and eyelets' but whenever I've tried other programs, I had much more trouble.
But yes everyone needs ausprobieren.Wahrscheinlich is almost synonymous solve everything if you have enough rumexperiementiert if you have solved the problems you will not have the nerve have the same game again with a different software haben.Mit the answers in the forum is here that such a Glücksache.Ehe now all excited again
I do no advertising for Magix, everyone should take what he does

Antwort von joachino:

Hello Kkutte,

I once with the trial version of Magix've experimented a bit, do I sign up again.
With Ulead, I was initially somewhat skeptical, since my first photo show of Ulead software was. With the I had quite a lot of anger and vsunmotivierte crashes s.laufenden tape. Eventually, it was stupid to me then and I went on to Magix, a very useful and well-functioning Photoshow Software. Meanwhile, however, I am at Aquasoft landed because this software has great creative potential, and so do really big projects (approximately 2000 pictures). In the future, however, I want photos with video clips to combine. At the photo show gibit sector it is basically just a really expensive professional software, Wings Platinum. But before I invest there, I try my luck once with a video editing software.
The handling with Ulead is actually ok, vsdie picture quality is quite good. But it nervt halt even when I first capturing a different software will be back playing on the tape if I have a lack of communication with the camcorder synonymous forgotten. Greeting Colo.

Antwort von Colo:

PS: always forget me before login.

Antwort von Colo:

S.kkutte supplementary question:

Do you use actually HV 20 for thy occasionally an external Micro. The disk noise you may be somewhat annoying. I thought s.Ohrenmikros, eg OMC 2nd The come in various forums really quite well off. Colo

Antwort von scream:


Antwort von kkutte:

[quote = "Colo"] s.kkutte supplementary question:

Yes, because you have quite the sound of the HV20 is absolutely unbrauchbar.Ich always use an external Microphone RODE.Habe of me but of my old longer Camera.Hierzu times following LINK
If you now of times I hear it's nothing that I 1 weeks vacation time and guarantees without internet.
Have fun Eperiementieren.

Antwort von Colo:

Happy holidays! Colo

Antwort von HZJ:

After the purchase of the HV20, a year ago, we had also the problem with the space much too slow Pentium 4th If you're in HDV recording, you want the better quality so synonymous seen.

After much back-and Her calculation remained the PC as it was and we have a 24 "Imac bought (used, because of the white version better display)

The Imac immediately recognized the HV20 and imported films easily synonymous with the included iMovie. Meanwhile, the editing with Final Cut Express HD. Premiere Pro 1.5, I have Boot Camp course at times synonymous tried on the Mac, finally, it was expensive enough, but it did not deal with HDV.

So simple and easy video editing was never as now s.Imac.

The Mac displays the synonymous films in HDTV quality, but Blue Ray is still not burn because the burner is missing. But that's still in the external FW 800 enclosure.

The PC is now the only thing left around, playing catch dust and network storage.


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