Infoseite // HVR Z1 with NICRO MKH 416 P 48 and continuous noise on the film.

Frage von Eckhard:

I have a SonyHVR Z1 with a Sennheiser MKH 416 P 48th
When I order movies, I always have a Brumton on the film.
Preferences s.der Camera:
XLR1/48kHz/Microfonrausch suppression on / wind noise suppression on / +12 db.
The buzz is very loud Kameraanschaltung then it ebbed somewhat. Sometimes it does not growl at higher and sometimes it is again.
I've already tried so much and think the error simply does not work.



Antwort von BjörnF:

Do you have the micro times s.anderen equipment tested?

Generally, I can only say: good combination :-)

The only thing I have something "suspicious" think are 12dB. Actually you should be the 416er enough power to use with 0 or 3db ends meet. Otherwise: 48V phantom powered? Tested with another cable? On XLR2 tried? Drive noise transmission through the camera housing excluded?



Antwort von Markus:

"Eckhard" wrote: Microfonrausch a suppression
Wind noise suppression a

The switch times from both. Especially the suppression of the Windgepolters brings no advantage in the sound recording (on the contrary!). Such noise must be avoided much earlier, namely s.Microphone directly using fur.


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