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HVX200 gegen Z1E

HVX200 against Z1E

Frage von Thomas G.:
September 2007


I want so slowly into the 16:9-bearing change. As a camera, the HVX200 candidate or Z1E in question. Both, I know only from test reports and the HPs of the Manufacturer. The main focus is not in the HD field, but in SD/16: 9, because TV stations will be rotated.
At one filebasierten record, I would be interested in already, but I'm (certainly not according to the IBC) not sure what there is now established. The material is in part directly in the channel and will be handled here, as everywhere, I would possibly cope. Tape machines are everywhere. And an FS-4HD, I've still synonymous.
Who can think of this practice tips?
Thanks, Thomas

Antwort von PowerMac:

Establish the future? That sounds hinterwäldlerisch. So filebasiert is absolutely normal. Even Grandpa's like the SWR or HR meantime, if slowly synonymous.

The two cameras are just HD cameras and make good pictures as synonymous. Direct recording to SD - so this makes no great Picture. Therefore, in HD on and calculates the average down.

I would you recommend the new EX1. Recording only possible in HD. But great photos, a real Optics and saubillig. The HVX200 and the Z1 on the other hand, simply stink.

Antwort von Login_vergessen:

So who at WDR ever been a blank spot on the dubbing of tape material is looking, you can imagine how the then (now in the meantime 2) "card readers" might come off. And it is probably synonymous true that a tape recorder everywhere for provision of eg IMX to DVCAM, Beta SP or DVCPro to find. For my part, I've only seen 2 ways, turning deliver material: Tape (synonymous with what ever) or XDCAM (synonymous with what ever). This could be due to synonymous, but that I previously set up with tapes and the other options I have, therefore, not so fallen into the eye ...
Currently on the safe Page I probably would currently with XDCAM. The cards SIMD m. E. all still in development, which is synonymous to the price is concerned. My next camera, I may lease, for after 2 years is not an "old" mill s.Bein to have ...
@ PowerMac: How can it be that the SD-Picture HVX/Z1 a worse picture than the SD-sisters (DVX/PD170 ...)?

Antwort von PowerMac:

The picture is quite in order. But no more. Recorded in HD and downconvertiert is simply much better in comparison to PD170 etc.

Antwort von Login_vergessen:

Well, in practice it seems more likely as groups, that the time at the cutting edge with files then there would be. Just as I said, I voted with the workflow filebasierten have not yet had contact. I still run with tapes by the station corridors ... I do but justify rarest synonymous contributions, but the editors provide only the "ordered" material. Therefore, perhaps synonymous my reference to tape or XDCAM. Bins is accustomed to something from somewhere inside the camera to connect, then what in the recorder turns ...

Antwort von DWUA:

An "old" 170 Pal is thanks to their enormous assets Lowlight
with their home made sd all better off than a
lightweight sd a Z1, which is not nearly that under equal conditions Bildqualtität supplies.

Intention prior to equipment.

And the latter is the industry of Mafia as long as the front
rausgespritzt, as with the rear of their own garbage on.

For "New", possibly for "old" here is the following:


www.kliebhan.de / vj / praxis.htm

Antwort von PowerMac:

Even properly. Unfortunately that is 16:9. There are no cameras in the price class, which is still worthwhile and directly geiles 16:9 SD Picture deliver. Everything looks s.Z1 class downconvertiert klasse aus. The Z1 is synonymous beautifully bright and noisy enough.

Antwort von DWUA:

Many visions of the future of da Vinci and Jules Verne
have long since become everyday.

For you, the (see above) participating in this thread "TV - Men '
and all others who are interested in
We believe the following ready for discussion:

Michael Rosenblum and his "... own DV philosophy ...":

Utopia? Reality soon? Already a fact? Pure nonsense?

Provocative title:
Television is the last remnant of the Soviet Union


At the bottom you can find the interview.
More Click Here!

(We have the "hr" on a program storage
between 25 ~ 35, roughly.)



Antwort von PowerMac:

I like the HR. Somehow likeable. Also nice people in the documentary (Hafner, etc).

Antwort von Axel Karrer:

I hate the HR.
Very unappealing.
The people from the documentary I do not know, but in most of the cut, post-pro, graphics, lighting and camera are incompetent, lazy and arrogant.
Of the editors I have not hit friendly.

but is probably all over the television so. RTL people like me not only right, that is di worst. especially the editors.

Antwort von Login_vergessen:

... So I've just been with a nice seehr editor of RTL worked ... in any case purely externally ...

What the cameras are concerned, I am still of the opinion that there is no adequate substitute for the DVX100 is, 16:9 or not.
I spoke with RTL fun times the term "P2" thrown into the room ... questioning eyes have only harvested. Filebasiert's currently running with SonyXDCAM. Otherwise, tape, basta.
I will stay (if I shoot alone) as long as it goes with my DVX. If the images for whatever reason always synonymous someday no longer TV-fit, I train alone synonymous halt 'ne XDCAM with ...

Antwort von smooth-appeal:

So I've been in HR and a nice editor as synonymous lighting a very talkative acquaintance with whom you can live quite well. Arrogant meets some rather fussy and cameraman to the sound engineer, I would nominate;)

Antwort von DWUA:

Thanks for your answers so far.

What we thought is something that (Camera Comparison)
Original question of the Thomas G. seems only tangential,
but is not OT.

He writes:

"... as for TV stations is rotated ...."
"... The material is in part directly in the channel ..."
"... will only be processed here ..."

Therefore, our reference to the possible new structures
of the medium TV. (-> Goldblum, -> Zalbertus, etc.)
This (VJ), there are, those affected know that long ago,
other sources, such as

Major newspaper publishers are in a predicament. Examples:
Not only delivers DVDs DER SPIEGEL magazine on topics ...

Or here:

The "media merger" has long since begun.
If Rosenblum in his interview says that there is nothing
more consumption, when "... of 200 VJ articles 150 in the pants go ...",
We face the question of who posts under the selection criteria
puts together and how the "rest" will be funded. (Advertising, what else).
The BBC, as their advisors and R. has been in operation, has for years already
150 pieces of PD 170 pal ordered.
Soon it will be probably even more "small" HD 16:9 He (?)
Under the motto "as much as possible, in many good hands of people with many good ideas"?

The British, rather than conservatively assessed, we are a foot

Fortunately, we have not directly with VJ to do. But each
neutral observer must think: stay vigilant eye wood.


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