Infoseite // HXR-NX5E dissatisfied with the recording, something is different?

Frage von Moritzk:

Moin Moin people

I really do not know at what to ask you: - /

Have the last few weeks on vacation yesterday and s.einem new Project rotated. Today I wanted to watch the MATTERIAL and happy ... but was happy with anything!
The nature photography, which I for example. most beautiful sunset I filmed are pale and it grisselt even a little, although it was not dark but red hot!
This flickering picture, which is to look very uncomfortable.

I was much with the camera rotated and always totally satisfied, but this time so at all.

I do not synonymous what should I have done wrong ... have in the car in 1080/25P mode rotated.
I should rather turn with 50i?

Maybe someone knows a rat what it could be.

Best regards,


Antwort von domain:

One will always occur Moritz: if you film primarily in one of the main colors, you practically fall out 2 / 3 of other colors.
The remaining picture has a relatively disastrous resolution has sometimes been shocked myself ...


Antwort von Moritzk:

But it is not only the images of the sunset, but synonymous normal nature photographs, or like yesterday for example. Recordings of a skater that I do not like.
Can I put the camera is not completely back to factory settings?
Or is it s.25p or 50i?
Which option should I shoot for the best case?


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