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Hardwareprobleme mit DV 500 DVD

Hardware problems with DV 500 DVD

Frage von romajaen:
Februar 2007

Request for the video card DV500 DVD Pinnacle Studio, V4.0

Og video card ran up to now in my PC, in conjunction with Adobe Premiere 6.0 with Windows 2000 on the following hardware:

1. MAIN Socket 1370 ASUS CUSL2 i815, ATA100 ATX, AGPx4, 6xCNR, 3xDIMM, 5xUSB

2. CPU Pentium III 800 EB MHz 133/256 kB

3. SDRAM PC133 512MB RAM (32x8)

4. VGA MSI FX5200 128mAGP

5. Sound Blaster PCI 128 Creative Labs

6. HDD 3.5 `` Sams. 160GB ATA 7200 (for video files)

7. HDD 30.7 GB IBM DTLA-307030 8.5 ms, 7200UPM, 2MB Cache, UDMA-100

Thus ran the PC for video editing to occasional crashes in large projects rather satisfactory.

Now I have a hardware replacement can be carried out with the following parts:

1. MAIN S775 ASUS P5VDC-X 1xAGB 1xPCEX16 3xPCI 2xDDR2 2xSATA 2xUDMA 1xLAN Sound USB2.0

2. CPU Intel Pentium D 915 2.8 GHz S775 4MB 800MHz FSB, 4MB Cache, Dual Core "Presle MMX SSE3, ATC HP NetBurst EM64T without REE

3. DDR2/533 RAM 1024 MB AENEON CL4 240pin, 533MHz 128Mx64bit PC2-4200U-444-11

4. Graphics, sound card and next Fesrplatten were used.

Unfortunately, now enters the following errors: When you open the window in Premiere recording or when you start editing of video clips in the window of the PC crashes completely.

My question: Can these errors occur is because the new components with DV500 DVD are not compatible?

Yours sincerely,
Rolf Z.

Antwort von wela100:

Hello Rolf,

now have the same problem with my DV 500 DVD. Had to be synonymous with the current hardware bestehnde renew. The main board was deffekt.
The DV500 DVD is now up to the recording window, after a few seconds, crashes Windows XP. Do not synonymous unfortunately found out what it is.

Werner L.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

The Pinnacle cards are a bit tricky and run only on certain boards, - At Pinnacle, there is a compatibility list and a few driver updates may bring the PPE was synonymous. If that does not help is only one - back to the sources.

/ E

Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

... an important question in advance: It was after the hardware replacement Windows Requirements or "just" re-enabled? (I do assume that you have your HDD's have re-used?)
If no new installation was made, I would strictly according to this scheme shall make. Then run / walk the DV500, no preference with AMD or Pendium and with ASUS anyway .-) actually without problems - the sum of experiences ;-)!
Possibly. As of Eva mentioned, nor the PPE drivers (but rather only with older computer models recommended) installed.

1. NEWS BIOS restore
2. Calculator platt make (of course, important data in case something goes wrong .-)!)
3. WindowsXP ... was always synonymous jungle ...
4. if not already in the installation mitgekommen then:
5. WIN a current board after installing version (saves
Internet time and the possible trial that a
unprotected Aktuallisierung "we" have already visited.)
6. XP and WINUpdate on the rest of Schützenfest
7. NETFramework 3.0 (because of the graphics card drivers) install
8. NETFramework update (security issue!)
9. current Graffikkartentreiber (NVIDIA / ATI) for the corresponding map
10. CURRENT VIA / INTEL chipset drivers (!) Install
11. Drivers for possibly RaidControler
12. Audio / Network / etc. Drivers installed and if no yellow
More exclamation points in Device Manager to see, at the latest
Then, restart the calculator once .-))
13. NOW until the cut card, using the latest, updated driver 4.5 incl 4.5a patch installed (ATTENTION: Before installing / installation of the card to restore the premiere 4,5,6 !!!!)
15. Calculator perfectly again Right
16. Cam s.Firewire connecting ... ding, dong ... "New hardware has been
recognized ".-)
17. if no ding, dong Calculator ... then again connected with
and ON Cam Right
18. after booting: "New hardware has been detected and can now
be used "... Capture program to open Other ............ happy! .-)
19. BACKUP (eg Acronis ... highly recommended) make!


Antwort von wela100:

... I now step by step, the proposed installation of Jens end've been through and the latest drivers installed.

Schade, unfortunately worked heißersehnte "... Capture program to open Other ............ happy!" not.
Strangely, the film worked on the first try in Premiere for whole 7 seconds. Then again the same problem as before. Total computer crash ... Now I just have to monitor or record window. Always when a signal on the DV500 is running it.
In Device Manager everything is running correctly, or there are no problems or potential conflicts reported.

I'm using Windows XP Professional SP2 with Adobe Premiere 6.5

My current hardware:

1. Main board ASUS P5VD2-X, socket 775, Cipset VIA PT890
1x PCI-E 16X PCI Express x1 + + 4x PCI, PCI 2.2
LAN Realtek RTL8110SC, Audio Realtek ALC 883 6-channel

2. Processor Intel E6400 Core 2 Duo 64-bit
Socket 775, 65 nm
2.13 GHz x 2
Front side bus 1066 MHz, L2 Cache 2MB

3. 1 GB RAM DDR2, 533MHz PC4200

4. Graphics Card ASUS 7300 LE 512 MB
TurboCache (NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE)

5. hard drive MAXTOR Serial ATA / 150
300 GB, 7200 RPM
old hard drive (again) WESTERN DIGITAL WD800BB
old hard drive (not installed) IBM 45 GB EIDE

6. SAMSUNG DVD Burner SH-S182
and old DVD drive of NEK

Pinnacle possessions in the compatibility list reviewed. In any case, these are already old boards, which perhaps could have used.
Will probably only apparent solution to the main - back to the old hardware (my old ASUS A7V mainboard is broken unfortunately), or the acquisition of a current video editing solution.
Can anyone make a tip (positive experiences, etc.).
I often edit material and old analog Hi8 recording on S-VHS. That's why I have the appropriate interfaces are very important.

Best regards,

Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

Hello Werner,

what it looks like you have this hardware solution (which is basically "top" is!), is actually rather poor maps, they are with the DV500 to get up and running. The DV500 is now but an "old girl" .-)) and to 64-bit solutions are probably not compatible.
Even the latest drivers (4.5) comes from an earlier generation and Pinnacle has the support anyway s.der premiere version 6.5 completely, while usexplizit for the DV500. As you already have under consideration, would be an older board, including processor (eg ASUS P4P800deluxe with a Pendium4 (2.4) with hyper-threading and memory ordenlich) a superior good and quite quick solution ... and all that - for Appel .- `n) and s egg? This would be guaranteed to run ... the only question would be, then what are you doing with your new components? Alternatively, there is still a really good, extere hardware solution (for Capture) with the analog-digital converter (CONOPUS ADVC300) http://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Canopus-ADVC-300.html of quality to all cases still would be a lot better (of the conversion-wise) than the DV500. A cut card in the strict sense, of course, not replaced. If you are synonymous to set new standards would (have) .-), then it will be very, very quickly (as a total solution) high ...! So ... as always ... a hard decision .-), but I hope you can think of something Vorschlögen is introduced?


Antwort von blueplanet01@gmx.de:

... small addendum:
Apart from that it is not running, the DV500 is likely your overall performance if it would run much .... ausbremsen.
It would be quite a "bottleneck"!
So: either an external converter (but not save .-) or
possibly on a graphics card with analog inputs (VIVO) Capture (but qualitatively worse solution); thee Premiere Pro2.0 growth (there `s now looks in a" Spiezial Upgrade Campaign "at Adobe for about 300 ¬) and then you suggsesive incorporate in this version. (the change of 6.5 is not easy - but doable .-)). Then you have a complete, fast software solution (including your current Calculator), which is behind the cut card variant not "hide" must!

many greetings again

Antwort von Eva Maier:

The Jens has obviously right in principle and it is a matter of time until one looks at DRM-contaminated hardware and software change "must".

Have me on eBay with ASUS P4PE Processor 2.66 worried that running the Pinnacles.
The map is therefore not, however, faster, but what software will be done at least accelerated by a factor of 3 times

Not to forget the old videos, which with the Pinnacle codec running.

/ E

Antwort von wela100:

Hi Eva, Hi Jens!

Thanks for the tips first, I take your suggestions estimated true and am now a second-hand board around.
I have my current components in the form of a new computer and purchased with existing (DV500, drives) added. Now I can easily resurrect the old calculator. Because in addition to the main board all the remaining parts work, I'm going back to ASUS A7V (as before) scout, although it is x times better alternatives. So I can at least be sure that the old processor (Athlon 1200 MHz) and the memory modules (SDRAM) fit. In any case, this is the simplest and cheapest solution. The speed is not necessarily the most important thing.
Just annoying that I have my new calculator no longer need, or have purchased nothing. Shame on you!

Thanks again and best regards,


Antwort von Eva Maier:

No longer need I would not say such a reserve Calculator possibly connected by a switch has its advantages synonymous.
The decision to try a new board to get old is provisionally the best mach is synonymous, because now the cheap (relatively) ago.
Matrox has a cut on the card may be synonymous HD - X2 anything with it you can then Anno 200x times whether the look is what.
Velvet is a new system.

/ E

Antwort von szymek:

... hello Eva, can it be that I am now on the "wrong" bin, but I can be your argument, what compatibility PinnacleCodec concerns, does not really follow ...?! Running the resulting (DV500) DV drawn. Avi files are actually no longer on a system, where never a Pinnacle card installed?
... I shall have my DV500 in the process of refocusing on Premiere Pro expanded and now operates the Calculator "solo." All "old" computer. Avi files I invite in Premiere Pro ... behave completely "neutral" (no re-render necessary). This is then probably s.dem still installed PinnacleCodec?! Does this mean if I take this to another (pinnaclefreien .-) Calculator play ... it would have the problem of re-render (recalculation = loss of quality) would? That would be bad, because I am currently in the process ... all of the films back to HDD Cam secure ... to finally of the bands (DV) give away .... Other .. exactly ... these were of course all with the DV500 (DVout) recorded?

... hi Werner, I think that yes "kurios" .-). With this configuration (but with a different board) synonymous ran my first video editing computer including the DV500. I find synonymous ... the topic of "speed", is simply too much weight. There are (nearly .-) nothing better than synonymous times while editing comfortable, relaxing with a cup of coffee (or tea with what is .-)) zurückzulehen and the "blue bar" at work to watch .. .! .-))


Antwort von Eva Maier:

So I do not want to bet that it is synonymous with the DV500 is so, but most NLE editing cards bring their own codecs and with prior review is better than crying afterwards.

/ E

Antwort von Eva Maier:

The tapes are DV tapes, there is no codec, only the Avis or MPEG are sometimes affected.

/ E

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