Infoseite // Have Canon HF100, there are now more up to ~ 550 ¬?

Frage von substylee:


I bought about 2 years ago a Canon HF100. Now the technology does indeed progress and I am wondering whether there are now better models than the HF100. However, should not cost more than 550 ¬. I was most disturbed at the lack of Canon wide angle.

About suggestions I would be very happy.


Antwort von scrooge:

Hi substylee,

are you coming with the camera otherwise well clear?
If you Anglestört only the low wide, I would grow an intent. Have for my Canon HV30 just bought a Raynox intent and am very satisfied.

My opinion:
We should not get crazy with the question of whether or not the development of our camera look "old" leaves. No stress of wanting to always have the latest. Simply makes no sense and keeps us from making films.
Camera such as the HF100 are turning at a high level, as you can after 5 years synonymous films that come across as technically good.



Antwort von deti:

We have still synonymous with wide angle adapter HF100 HG20 and "Canon WD-H37II. In principle, to the new models, not much has changed, which would be indispensable for normal use. Insofar as one can safely wait for the HF100 owner or next after next-generation camcorder.



Antwort von AD Tom:

I have the HF100 synonymous am for private purposes and the image quality (with sufficient light) always surprised. However, I believe that this line of camcorders with a small chip with high Resolutionein is obsolete. In this respect I would not look for successor devices in this product group, but rather in the direction of squint DSLR (eg Canon 550 or upcoming models).

Greetings from the Main



Antwort von beiti:

I just do not synonymous, the HF100 and it has since been in terms of image quality progress. I even remember my s.Test reports according to which the successor models of the HF-100 generation are slightly worse (more pixels on a smaller chip, etc.).

At the HF100 I really miss just one zebra-circuit, which outshone my posts would reliably show. This is the only argument that I could now move to a switch to another model (and it is no newer than the HF100 would be).

Of course, I would like to synonymous Accessory shoe a decent and use the opportunity to Non original without artificial restrictions. But in terms of Canon has unfortunately not yet changed its policy so that a new purchase would be no progress.

In the long term I find synonymous 1080/50p interesting, but so far still lack the support of editing software and Blu-ray standard, which is why at the moment, yet little of it.
In theory I should be the current state of things synonymous 720/50p very right, but unfortunately there in the moment in any consumer camcorder, is reportedly out that 720/50p not AVCHD - Standard - corresponds to the Panasonic but at least not before longer seems to care.


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