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Frage von Wiesel25:


I got paid straight to my Sony TRV33 camcorder, the ECM HS1 Microphone.
Since I'm with the not so well versed ganzenm I have a few questions about the Micro:

When should I use the Micro?
Up to what distance you can add notes () zoom?
In which situations it is useful aufzustecken the Micro?

Am grateful for all the info and tips.

Not that I like a madman, the Micro and place them in a situation that brings nothing at all.

So what does the micro at all.
In which situations one uses it.

I once needed basic information on the use of such a micro

So much writing, please!


Antwort von Markus:


I had bought my first Zuzatzmikrofon, I put it on the Camera and make trial recordings. Criteria were for me the sound quality overall, the transfer of operating noise of the camera (so-called structure-borne sound) and the directivity.

You have easily made this test in five minutes and will gain even more experience than this when you describe a person's subjective impressions. ;-)


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