Infoseite // Help - how funzt because only Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5?

Frage von UTA:

Hello all.

I now have this great program that has been highly praised and wants to cut the videos I'm not absolutely clear and sweetening it, how can I even begin.

Can someone help me there or has someone ne tolle Page for Beginners, novices, or a Step by Step Guide Program ??????

Pleads Greetings

have been used to want to help but that just confuses me even more ...


Antwort von jasmin61:


probably because you have to grind your own.
What I can recommend to you is the book to explain Classroom in a book, there are the functions

Classroom in a book

oder das hier ist synonymous für den Anfang and die Grundschritte gut

Premiere pro for dummies

Practice practice practice is nothing without stop .....

Good luck

PS: Do not double post please =


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