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Frage von CTProductions:

Hello dear community,
I would like to set up video editing s.dem I efficiently
can work. It is therefore especially on MiniDV tapes
Copy DVD to be able to MiniDV tapes and Digitizer
to be cut, as well as VHS to DVD 1:1 copy

As devices are available:
1) A computer with external sound card and several software
Others Sony Vegas
2) Casablanca Prestige Video 80GB Computer
3) SonyRDR-GX300 DVD Recorder
4) JVC MiniDV / VHS Recorder HR DVS1
5) Several models of MiniDV Camera Sony

Previously, I had the HR DVS1 via scart with the input of the
GX300 connected and so had copies of MiniDV to DVD
created. Quite handy for 1:1 direct copies, but was
be problematic when cutting was a wish.

Then had the possibility of a CameraLink
directly via firewire s.den PC, but radio.
somehow the connection is not. It lacks the so-called synonymous
SM-bus drivers under hardware manager. In addition, the
not always available because it is Rent
act. A solution without the presence of
would be optimal.

I hope to get good input.



Antwort von weitwinkel:

have long with the DV Storm and Premiere Edius4 or until APP1.5
the data directly of a JVC miniDV-VHS deck (SR-VS20) recorded ...
with Edius 4, ideally with a good ProcoderExpress the MPEG2
encoder are ...
gruß cj


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