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Hi 8 Bänder in bester Qualität auf DVD, welches Format?

Hi 8 tapes in the best quality on DVD, which format?

Frage von jangool:
September 2008

I have 8 hours of film material Hi tapes, which I consider to be a friend to bring to DVD. A Canopus AD converter I already ;-)
I would oviele s shots as possible in the best possible quality in as little as possible to DVDs.

My question: in what format do I have the material to bring the PC (as MPEG, AVI, or is there no preference?), It should not be edited. If I use the entire war in the MPEG I have no more than ne ne hour on DVD, is because vllt more, so I can still somehow the whole convert (my friend has mentioned DivX), a prerequisite is, of course, no visible Qualittäsverlust.

With all this compression kenn ich mich leider überhaupt nicht aus ...

Antwort von Meggs:

Crucially, where the DVD will be viewed later. Many hardware-DVD player only play standard video DVD's from. To do this you need with DVD authoring company.
Did your friend have a DVD player that plays DivX synonymous, or should the DVD s.PC be viewed as DivX is a good way, more film in better quality on the DVD to get.
In any case, you should with the formats and their capabilities and limitations to address. The subject could write a book, in any case, it is not in a few sentences to explain times.

I want as many shots as possible in the best possible quality in as little as possible to DVDs.

these are precisely the things that are mutually exclusive.

Antwort von jangool:

mh. I assume s.es be on a DVD player as synonymous to PC play.

As for the best quality: a lot of "quality losses" to the eye are rarely available. Such losses are to me quite as long as I just can not see ;-) If yes or in any movies for a big event ...

Antwort von Meggs:

Standard DVD-Video
As a video-DVD does not exceed 1 hours on it, but 70 minutes in best quality. If you codierst with lower bitrate, it is correspondingly more, the result is poor but synonymous. With an average film and 2-pass encoding synonymous you get 2 hours on a DVD in a quality watch.

coded more efficient than MPEG2, hence you get more movies in good quality on a DVD. My DVD player plays DivX from. Whether your Kunpel synonymous of playing DivX, you need to ask him. Also here it is: The smaller the bitrate, the more you get material on the DVD and the smaller the bitrate, the worse the outcome. As a rule of thumb: With DivX do you get it about 3-4 times as much material on a DVD at about the same quality, compared with MPEG2.

Antwort von JMS Productions:

If you are really the old analog memories without quality loss forever into the digital age would bring, it would be (because such a digitization actually only one occasion does, because the more often you play back the analog tapes, the worse the quality.) Already advisable, as much as possible is still just out of s.Qualität. Believe me, if you (or your buddy) Digitization in 20 or 30 years looking back, he will be glad that he best value on quality has.

One important point you have already: an analog-digital converter. Essential for optimal quality and in any case a cheap USB Grabber Model preferable.

Now I understand this point: You want as many films as possible in the best possible quality in as little as possible to get DVDs. Well, as has already been said: You need to decide either quantity or quality. Are you the DVD's too expensive, or why do you want the absolutely on as little as possible to squeeze DVDs?

If you have a good (!!!) MPEG encoder is used, then fit on a 4.5 GB DVD movie 90 minutes without any visible loss of quality. If you have 8 hours film, then this would correspond to just about 6 DVDs. And the DVDs you get in the 50s Pack for scarce 7 ¬. So since I s.eurer would not be kausrig.
Some DivX or Xvid compression, I would not recommend. That would be such important to me, old memories too.

Considering but synonymous follows: The digital converter is of course a must for digitization, but ultimately it depends on the condition of your Hi8 material (it was played so often that even quality relief be identified) and, last but not least is the playback device, the most decisive. Because if the player already half broken off and is then synonymous brings an A / D converter does not work magic shows. Because what is not there can be synonymous to the A / D converter does not get out of nowhere ...

If you're an absolute fanatic quality and the very last ounce of rausholen want, then I advise against you, that makes it even. Instead, give yourself in such a case s.eine specially designed firm contact. The special equipment used therein such as a TimeBase Corrector (TBC). I still do not have their own experiences, but have heard that Mark (The time was here in the forum moderator and was active) such digitization pretty good make. It is synonymous very inexpensive, it would be worth a consideration. I give you here and his website address - because you can indeed look at the price chart and you may decide:


Antwort von jangool:

ever grateful for the reply:)

First: I wonder whether I am in avi or mpeg with Canopus capture should have done: I've just done the test, once in and once in mpeg avi Added: mpeg when the building is totally kriselig in avi flawlessly! (well, at least for a hi 8 camera;)

I would like stingy with the dvds not necessarily be clear, s.1. agency is the quality. I was drawn only if it is with fewer dvds with good quality also would go, then I would have gladly done so. the dvds themselves, I will anyway freund the bill;)

Antwort von JMS Productions:

"jangool" wrote:

First: I wonder whether I am in avi or mpeg with Canopus capture should have done.

I understand, quite frankly, not what you mean by that. If you have an analog / digital converter is used, then it converts the analog signal (as the name suggests) into a digital signal. To view the digital signal to the PC to receive and record there, you need the converter via FireWire cable s.deinem calculator in the FireWire jack. If you are now in the editing program aufnimmst, you can usually only in AVI format (better said: the DV-AVI format) record. An MPEG format, the converters do not, so I do not understand how you can record in MPEG? Draw in the signal editing program, which across via FireWire. Only in the DV-AVI format you will get your signal is 1:1. In MPEG or other formats, the material is more compressed, lower quality with what brings ...

Antwort von jangool:

An MPEG format, the converters do not, so I do not understand how you can record in MPEG?

I capture the material with Ulead VideoStudio. And asked me prior to the recording: Save as AVI, DV, MPEG, DVD, SVideo, etc.

Antwort von JMS Productions:

"jangool" wrote:

I capture the material with Ulead VideoStudio. And asked me prior to the recording: Save as AVI, DV, MPEG, DVD, SVideo, etc.

Achso, then it is software dependent. Good, no problem. Save it as DV. (Digital Video). This should be considered in AVI file extension, but it is DV-AVI.

Antwort von Meggs:

"jangool" wrote:
mpeg in the picture is totally kriselig in avi flawlessly! (well, at least for a hi 8 camera;)

Canopus provides a high-quality DV-AVI Stream. Your software converts the MPEG in order to live in constant bit rate - this is not so good and is counter-productive to your wishes. Saving as DV-AVI and then encode to MPEG with a good encoder with variable bitrate in 2-pass encoding. It takes much longer, but is much better. TMPGEnc makes pretty good example.

Antwort von jangool:

Already have 2 cassette on a PC that, in DV (or DV-AVI) and I am satisfied with the quality:) As I said, in MPEG gings do not (have a short test)! If everything is on it, I will convert irendwie material, presumably in MPEG 2, PAL DVD ... look how many times it will be, what needs to be;)
I have noticed that although there are 8 tapes, each tape but not 60 min, but 120 min! At least at first, let's see what the other thing is, because then something comes along!

Thanks for the help

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