Infoseite // Hi8 to PC - What camcorder for dubbing?

Frage von Joelle:

Does it seen qualitatively a difference whether you to lossless / uncompressed dubbing of Hi8 tapes to the PC the tapes with a Digital8 camcorder (; Output Firewire, ie DV) or playing for reproducing an analog Hi8 camcorder used and that using S - Video s.einen perfectly ordinary DV camcorder followed, then the quasi takes the digitization and the data directly via Firewire s.den PC (; DV) by dragging?

Thank you !!!!!! :-)


Antwort von tommyb:

In both cases you have DV - the image quality is dependent of the devices built-in components.

The better way would be more of a good capture card (such as Black Magic) which you connect via S-Video.


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