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Frage von explooo:


I know with me the whole video-kram unfortunately still very little.
my components:

SonyDCR-TRV245E Digital 8

Graphics card:
Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT

what ports do I connect the cam s.besten s.den pc?
pc has usb, firewire, video card s.der is a round port, but I think tv-out.
I s.der cam mini usb, s video out, s.out, dv out

s.besten would s.pc an SVideo or in? hab but unfortunately in my little Shuttle XPC no more space for maps;)

what is the best program for capturing?

naja me is first to determine the best connection, then we see next;)

thank schonmal mfg


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"explooo" wrote: DCR-TRV245E ... I cam s.der mini usb, s video out, s.out, dv out ... my concern is for the best first-line
Can it be, that your alleged miniUSB port, in reality, a Firewire port? If yes, would thus be synonymous already found the best! Slightly misleading title, incidentally, because what your question has to do with Hi8?

Gruß Bernd E.

EDIT: My mistake! I was pretty sure that this camcorder has Firewire, just the mention of "DV - Out" I had overlooked smooth.


Antwort von explooo:

no, on the usb port is a sign. was synonymous to a cable, which of the small usb s.den normal usb goes.

hm sry yes, I bissl of title exceptions, wants the eig Hi8 pc compress. But now I want to first know the correct connection.

VirtualDub is the best program for capturing?


Antwort von vdp1331:

I understand it so that it is Hi-8 tapes with their Digital-8 camcorder to the PC would like to restore.
To do this you should s.besten the DV - Out (Firewire) to the camcorder with the firewire port of your PC.
VirtualDub would tip my spontaneous, but maybe others have other / better suggestions.
Greeting Vincent

Edith: Since I was a little too slow ..

But what should I write the truth anyway: DV - Out s.Firewire in Virtual Dub and restore the ..


Antwort von explooo:

oh dv out firewire is? das is ja klasse. now where you say it is because a certain resemblance to look closer;)

I will me arrange such a cable

and then do I sign up again if I am willing myself into VirtualDub durchzukämpfen.

looks pretty complicated. English synonymous, I can not be perfect;)
schonmal any tips what codec I should use? or what settings to "compression"?


Antwort von topgun:

I work with studio pros Magix 2006/2007- since 1 year. Bin Pinaccle of transition. Synonymous I know that the program is a consumer program, but I am still very satisfied. As beginners, you can order without any problems but are working and the price-performance ratio compared to other professional programs, cutting anyway unbeatable.
Kann ich dir nur empfehlen.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello "explooo"

I think the following advice would be something for you. There are many answers to your questions:

FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect, capture and edit images


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