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Frage von ralleschaffrath:

try children's videos in the Hi8 and Video8 format digitizer
Have read a lot here and tried but I am with the quality not to be peace
yes it works really, just the raw data are already of poorer quality than if I connect Camera s.den Television.
The best results I have with the Dazzle box VideoCreator150 achieved Pinacle Studio 10
But it's all a bit bland and not good to Resolutionist
although I use the DVD quality
but that is because everything is recorded in MPEG2. so compressed
What's s.Hardware to record everything in AVI


Antwort von ralleschaffrath:

an inexpensive and high quality solution would be the ADVC 55
to have a great support because if you are calling.
At Ebay there are some of the Electronic-Design TBC-Enhancer.
Unfortunately there is no longer the company. A TBC generates analog signals you versaute new. Let you look at digital editing advice. Such Firmrn's not too many in Germany.
NFG Eggerder


Antwort von Simon2k7:

Sometimes I can not log in Slashcam? and thus my contribution is not synonymous edit.
The TBC before you have to turn the ADVC 55.
mfG Eggerder


Antwort von dathe06526:

I have now registered and have a few questions.

thank you first for the quick reply!

So the device converts the analog signal to digital
and does the same in the PC via firewire or do I have any other digital recording device between switch?
In what format does it work? AVI? and do I need an extra software or can I Magix, Pinaccle Studio 10 or adop next use
I wanted to already have a Digital 8 camcorder and buy it in order to try
But to try is fun too expensive

When the original so the Hi8 or Video8 tape had good signals, I need these as synonymous TBC-Enhancer or not


Antwort von Markus:

"dathe06526" wrote: ... the device converts the analog signal to digital and is the same in the PC via firewire ...
Since I do not know which device is concerned, I'll describe both of these options:

ADVC-55: This device converts analog to digital and sends video data to the PC, with which each capture tool, or video editing program can be stored. The connection is made with a DV cable (Firewire), save AVI files (more precisely: DV-AVI).

Dazzle Video Creator 150: This device compresses incoming video directly into MPEG2, as is making a DVD is required. As for Pinnacle converters usual, this device is likely to again only with Pinnacle software.

"dathe06526" wrote: When the original so the Hi8 or Video8 tape had good signals, I need these as synonymous TBC-Enhancer or not
Or not. ;-)

A TBC is necessary only if the video is too bad for an analog-digital conversion. A / D converter are covered for the signal quality (not to be confused with image quality) is significantly more demanding than, for example, a Television.


Antwort von erbse:

Easy does it with the conversion directly into MPG2. The postprocessing and hakelt but is qualitatively worse than DV AVI.
Do you want to edit and best quality machs on DV AVI, but that takes more time.
Life is a compromise. I machs about DV AVI. Have fun.
mfG Eggerder


Antwort von Quadruplex:

The default link: Six ways to Video8/Hi8 to digitizer.
Please to suitable camcorders


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