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Unterschied Sony HDR-HC7E und HDR-HC9E ?

Hife differed SonyHDR-HC7E and HDR-HC9E

Frage von M-Trax:
Januar 2008


wanted to give me a camcorder of Sony buying, electoral bodies is (would be) on the SonyHDR-HC7E fallen, if not a few days ago Sonyeinen New Camcorders HDR-HC9E Added to your website would have.

Since I did not detect significant difference in the outer price difference of ¬ 300 the image processor and the New Model.

Should I rethink my decision and the new model, or even on the New SonyHDR-SR11E with hard drive,
or at the first camera to stay.

Hope you can help me with my decision to help

Thank you


Antwort von wascosa:

I've synonymous for 2 differences:
1. Sunshade
2. Black housing
... but if the ranges for 300 ¬?

Waiting times, how the price develops when the device is available - the first "online dealers" has been the thing for 999, - in the range - delivery in mid-February.

Otherwise, I would HC9 but prefer the SR 11.
Major chip, cartridges are cheap and are suitable for archiving and the same thanks to HDV, the material is easier to edit. Besides, I could on the basis of purely technical data (fewer pixels for a larger chip) imagine that they LowLight the better performance (but it is pure theory - to wait for test). Therefore, the SR 11 a little more zoom and WW.

Devices were hard for me not in question because: Noise from hard drive, shock sensitive and annoying heat. Clearly there is synonymous with DV drive noise, but what I have in the hands, was quieter than the hard disk devices.
Then I would to "real" Flash devices wait ... and according to major memory cards.

Antwort von M-Trax:


thanks for the reply

I have the dam with black housing synonymous noticed and the weight is in grams, equal to two, so man can not say the same cheaper worse.
But when such a chip in the making has become cheaper now have the old price so synonymous in the fall, or?


Antwort von Jan:

Even if it is not Sony.de in my memory was synonymous HC 7, the Real Imaging Processor, the processor in the consumer class of 2007 Sony.

The new SR models have the new BIONZ! Processor, which has digicams 2007 already showed how to build a camera for a good 10% can do better (eg SonyW 55 W vs 80), I'm curious how he times when video cameras improved. In the SR models gibts ja synonymous improved sensor, so complete renewal.

But HDV is not so much changed anyway, you can see at the 30th AGM of the Canon

If I HC 9 accurate documentation of Sonybekomme, again, I'll give it.


Antwort von Jan:

Sony Writes in their documentation that all new 2008 models with the CMOS sensor, face detection, so sharpness, exposure, color and flash to adjust. Perhaps the information at Sony.de not complete, is synonymous strange why a model of the processor is specified, while others do not.

D-Range Optimizer (DRO) is synonymous new, intelligent contrast control, for example, under another name synonymous the Panasonic SD 5, which is synonymous new. The optimizer was like before the digital reflex Sonya 700 built, there was much praised, that is not completely dark lots marked out lots and not overly bright shine through.

The new models with 5.1 sound (HC 9 not) take into account the set now synonymous with the zoom in 5.1 surround sound audio recording, so Sonyhat now synonymous with the models' Zoommikrofon "such as Panasonic.


Antwort von M-Trax:

Unfortunately, I am lending in the area,

I need the Cam on Amateur footage (holidays, etc.) I will be more of these HC9 ever need or I can see the difference, or only in the laboratory or for professional filmmakers?

Antwort von Jan:

All depends s.was man filming it, and how high the demand is.
A Wildrumfilmer rather not see it, but buys the rarely HC 7 & 9 or Canon HV 20 / 30. In certain situations where holding the camera in extremely bright or dark picture on it, you can already see.

But since I've seen pictures test, a picture with DRO, one without.

A forest scene, although without the bright DRO bodies were completely outshines, when DRO has some shades of gray between white can see, there was still a little drawing in the Picture.

How well received by the HC 9 does, I can not say we must wait until 14.02.08 (HC Release 9) Germany.

Face in 2007 was the industry in Marktinglieblingsfunktion digicams, now stop at the Videocams. I think quite a lot but not like this, the test pictures of the industry were asked to (1 sharp person - 2 persons 1 m behind blurred - and the 2 people behind completely underexposed without facial, with facial recognition were the focus and exposure to all areas ok) - but even that can not be, thanks to the sharpness of the small sensors is always sharp everything in the Ford area ......


Antwort von Jan:

Today I have new detailed documents for Sony, where the HC 9 nothing about the facial and DRO is in the SR models, but it is.

I think I have to wait Sonyliefert the cameras already s.Ende in the first week of February.


Antwort von Cammovie08:

Is it synonymous in describing an information on the supplied battery?
Because each new Sonyhat Cam, a new battery type.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Cammovie08" wrote:
... About the supplied battery? Because each new Sonyhat Cam, a new battery type.

According to Sony HC9 website uses the same NP-FH-Batteries as the HC7.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Jan:


of the HC mitgeliferte Battery 9 is the FH 60, is still the 2007 H series. Software Picture Motion Browser 2.0.17, remote control RMT 831st

I can hardly find anything else in the HC 9, Shutterzeiten in each program should be identical.

Übers Dialrad still went to the HC 7 Focus, Exposure, AE Shift and WB Shift? When HC is synonymous shutter - since I must look again at my HC 7, whether 4 or 5 things about Dialrad.

Had the HC 7 Peaking actually (I think not)? This has the HC 9 now also color bars, zebra, histogram is synonymous s.Bord (HC 7)

Exposure (EV) 24 levels
White balance shift (Shift WB) 9 Levels
AE Shift - 9 levels

(should be in the HC 7 synonymous so)

electronic focus correction - 8 levels (the HC had 7? is not known to me before)


Antwort von Jan:

equal times compatriots ...

HC 7 has 5 possible for synonymous Dial Wheel, peaking but I could not find it. Was so synonymous in my mind that the sharpness adjustment assistance (Peaking) only when the FX 1 & 7 (Sony) can be found.

Did I at HDR FX 7 very happy is used for manual Focusieren very helpful, especially in low light. Edge reinforcement (Peaking) for FX 7 in 3 colors, let's see whether the HC 9 is not just white (as with the FX 1) goes. Red did well.


Antwort von Jan:

Have today received the HC 9.

Juhu, is peaking at the small new HC 9 even better than the expensive FX 1 (white only). The sharpness adjustment assistance is available in white, red or yellow possible (just like FX 7). I can nothing else in the big HC 7 Comparison to recognize only the design of the front Gegenlichtaste changed.


Antwort von Jörg+:

I was not entirely clear, the HC9 has the same picture quality as the HC7? On the SonyHP is Full HD 1080 versus HDV 1080i

Jörg +

Antwort von Jan:

Sonyist because a smaller liar, because HDV requires 2 only 1080x1440.

Yes, the sensor 9, the HC Full HD, but the Camera from 1440x1080. Canon has registered at the AGM 20 already synonymous.

Ask WoWu times - he can make this whole nonsense FullHD no longer hear - exactly like me.

I got the HC 7 is no longer there to take a more thorough test to make ....


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