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Hochwertige Online-Videos/Web-TV?!

High quality Online-Videos/Web-TV?

Frage von darkgob:
September 2009

Hello dear community,

I am completely new here and I have just rummaged through some threads without finding helpful answers to my question.

My questions: What is your opinion, necessary to produce high quality, at least semi-professional videos specifically for the Internet? If your s.weber TV and / or streaming thinks that there are standards or standards should be your opinion and why? What equipment would you use it? Power of HD s.Sinn beginning?

The background is that I would eventually like to work as a VJ and believe that Web-TV/Streaming will decrease so the transmitters in perspective some market share. So I would like to begin to put me look at this. I believe that here synonymous with many editors, there is still pent-up demand.

However, I am completely s.Anfang to read just s.mich and start checking out what this s.Know-how, etc. would be necessary. I would like to bring me as much as possible even if, before I expensive specialized courses, etc. visit.

I hope you can help me a little. I've been looking synonymous in the literature and found that in this area so far is not very far. Therefore, suggestions and ideas for your part, just as helpful as solid advice based on experience.

Thank you very much!

Antwort von Clemensch:

With regard to literature, I can tell you recommend this book -> http://www.amazon.de/ video -over-Understanding-Technology-Professional/dp/0240810848

Vorrausgesetzt good English, is very informative and helpful.
I searched for synonymous strain related literature, but unfortunately not otherwise interesting, which is synonymous Contemporary found.

best regards

Antwort von joerg-emil:


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Have you trained in the direction?
Or, for years it has operated as a hobby?

So once I'm going to assume you do not want to now of concern to later daas profession, right?

Well then I can imagine that if one can earn specialized in the field in a few years so well.

So just because some one like a little more than just the desire.


Knowledge in dealing with customers, business German, Treaty languages and media knowledge

Technical know-how, skills in editing and FX Media Design

Advertisers strategic skills, conceptual Planning

Internet Technology Computer Technology Sccripting Skills

Sound and camera work etc

So I can only speak from my experience that it is s.besten himself a good friend or build Geschäftspatner circle, where each clearly has its specialties.

Because, at outside But since only one mark you need to work to earn s.Sachen well as a team player and should be no ego!

Oh yes, and VJ, the people who are so in the 90's began to raves geile video animations in combination with Music show.

I think it's bad that one day this term for 1 man camera crew
Work used. This gives the whole a cheap taste I find.

B. DeKid

Antwort von darkgob:

Erstmal Thanks for the answers! So just to me: I am 22 old, a student and planning to the next or after next year of my master's degree in journalism with a focus on online / web, etc. to make. My ultimate goal would be to digress runterzubrechen it without much of a sentence, reinzubringen in the local journalism with good Webreportagen new wind. These are synonymous imho good videos. So now I want to start me with it (over the coming months / years to deal), with the ultimate aim, then so synonymous to earn money, but are not currently under pressure. Of the pros and cons and problems of this idea you can open an extra thread that interests me:

What kind of equipment do I start as beginners, to teach me the basics properly, in order to produce this semi-respectable video? My budget is max. ¬ 800 for everything, less is better. Think you that in this price range, micro, Tripod, etc. included, visual and tearing sound-engineering quality is anything at all, if one simply requires time that I am with the "craft" things more intensively and have good ideas for content ?
I will not even be told how to professional of today to tomorrow:-p

Antwort von joerg-emil:

... this is tight, but it goes ....

As a camera might be the JVC GZ-HD30EX interesting for you is true with hard drive, but it has the ability to include both MPEG 2, MPEG 4 in HD as synonymous. Synonymous with the former is not quite so powerful calculator along well. The new cam is currently at about 500.


Since you want to be traveling as a journalist, you definitely still need a hand-held microphone. That's an excellent dynamic microphones, as they are normally used on stages. With a suitable adapter cable can you connect a microphone s.The Cam. A usable Microsystems complete with cable you get with Thomann.de for about $ 50. Headphones have a fly about you may still somewhere.

The most important is the tripod. Save here, please do not expect this at least 120 - 150 EUR.

Then what's missing is light. A head light would be for your application I think s.sinnvollsten. Calculate here with 60-80 EUR

The remaining 20-40 EUR you will still invest in a spare battery .... and gone are the 800 U.S. $ ...

I'm sure you well with this equipment, which can provide on its feet.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"darkgob" wrote:
........... My budget is max. 800 ¬ for everything ..... ever tear something is ......


For 800 euros - now time to speak clearly to the text - at most you can buy DVDs Books and learning.

What will you do with it otherwise?

Go and get you a good offer internships and jobs well .... save money and learn what keeps the stuff.

If s.Start then in 1 to 2 years, and Money has some knowledge and you can Equitment lease, then you can slowly because once you start to earn money on the idea.

Sorry but you should already be realistic and.

B. DeKid

Antwort von soan:

To stand out of the competition in this segment requires not only matching equipment, but especially synonymous a suitable qualification. Wagging, bad camera work, bad lighting and even worse sound is found en masse. That is the point must be our starting s.dem: Super quality at reasonable price. And just as wirds synonymous hard to turn: as a "solo" super contributions is a very high demand s.Material, skills, motivation and creativity. And life should be rich synonymous - very difficult to implement.

Junk, anyone can - make better art.

Antwort von joerg-emil:


... so I did with a much simpler equipment as described above, my first small features filmed .... and whole generations of Hobbyfilmern front of us turned their films with more primitive tools ... and that was probably not all shit .. .

... I think it's a shame if a prospective prospects here like so much courage is taken. Ifs then went, would be under 20,000 euros not even begin to deal with the issue ... and that's absolute nonsense, synonymous shooting may well be a fairly inexpensive hobby .... since no one can synonymous with a cheap camera equipment, some learn and, above all synonymous beautiful movies turn ....

If I want to learn violin, then I am saving so synonymous not 20 years on a Stradivarius, and then start practicing only see at ...

Antwort von darkgob:

So the thing is, someone has written in some thread here once that equipment is available today and with the average computer can already do things of which they have dreamed 10 years ago everyone. And someone else has said that the problem was today, that all immediately bring professional equipment, but that hardly ausreizen and wonder why, despite high-tech come out s.end no good videos.
=> The two things I really want to give me the philosophy and just beginning erstmal small, look at what the limits mentioned above for learning basic things that ausreizen as much as possible and then just chase up in 2-3 years time professional equipment that priced higher ...
Do you take the approach so wrong? The dozens of others running around out there, the same idea and more forward, so does not alter s.der fact that one has to start somewhere mal ... Or am I simply ignores the realities here?

Antwort von joerg-emil:

.... the two things I had to make to philosophy, otherwise I could not even begin .... and I'm glad that I'm stuck with it ....

Antwort von JonasB:

¬ 800 as a startup budget is I think ok ... so you can safely convert initial ideas. But putting Equiment with the foot does not work. Get yourself a Einsteigerequiment, you seek, as has already been part-time jobs and internships, learn and save said ...

3 years working at Starbucks and then buy ne Ex3 certainly makes no sense ^ ^

Ask With time, you'll know what's wrong and what you need, then YOU can deliberately invest ..., "What do I need all this makes sense, therefore, not much";)



HP's approach is not wrong, but courageous. ;)

Antwort von mbwkrause:


Antwort von newsart:

Where do you come from? We have a New Year Requirements s.VJs in local journalism and educate synonymous ... in Hamburg.

Antwort von darkgob:

@ joerg-emil: Sry, I've only just seen your third post ^ ^ Question: You were already as a VJ, etc. worked or was / is it with you all the hobby?
@ B. DeKid: Same question. That you both have fundamentally different views must indeed be based on different experiences ...

I do not synonymous in the VJ field for television and others, but see my field of work as mentioned in the online environment and quality (especially content) good "infotainment". As indeed is tuned even more. Thus, it should not synonymous hell-bent on pure amount to VJ, but I want me to create the basics for being able to perform this activity if the chance offers ... And if it had just one erstmal and additional income is nevertheless could inspire a certain circle of my videos, that would indeed erstmal a giant step forward ...

Antwort von darkgob:

@ newsart: I am studying in Leipzig and was still in the summer with my BA done ... Were originally synonymous liked to go to the Henri-Nannen School, but that the application period, unfortunately, did not fit ... But where you say: How does that look like for you? I guess, this is why:


Who this is so: the worthwhile from your point of view synonymous for people like me, although a plan to bring ideas and goals, but relatively little practice and experience?

Antwort von newsart:

Want to hate on the forum there next go into detail. Can reach me at info (at) newsart (en).

Antwort von darkgob:

Although the last posts have some distance from the core issue, I would be happy in spite of more answers and opinions ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

No. I only say that you understand what erstmal ICCH mean.

On the other Page you can do with 800 euro already a lot ....

Nen MD Walkman recorder with the function of today will get quite a gift on Ebay.
Top Vocal Microphones are now supplied with console games.
Nen camcorder like the DCR PC series is synonymous already below 200 in there
Nen nen Pentium4 get for 100 ......

And far as they hold ....

But it's just not everything!

And for a start that can quite ok to "play and practice /" be .... yet it is so that you have to drag it into the field and need to assert yourself against other companies.

Believe me Ichben is not synonymous Equitment the high end - but we are a team and get 120% of the funds given to us - that's synonymous a good thing and still be turned over every dollar and more specifically plan and etc.


So please understand if I am not wrong to say erstmal No. 800. And you would rather advise internship and other Bilödungs way yet.

B. DeKid

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