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Frage von tomnrw:

Hello Forum,

I'm going to Andalusia in August and would like to make in the run-production of my thoughts on the holiday film.

Before now, the discussion here about the meaning and purpose of Celtx is lit: I do not work professionally and have synonymous not claim to use my video commercial. Nevertheless, I want to make a few important notes and write a little script in advance.
Modified in 2006 with VX-1000 in Tuscany and after I missed cutting across major Takes.
Now TM-700.

As far as the preliminaries.

How should I proceed in the software, to document the individual stations, for example, pack suitcases, travel documents checked, airport, before departure, arrival, hotel, landscape, people, fetchmail is useful stops on the trip, etc.

Did the individual stations dubbed as headings, which are then so listed as a chapter. Does that make sense?

then write about each chapter dignity actions that are then my individual takes.
As a note, I wonder if I install there already some text for my dubbing. Since I will take information from the network. For example, in landscape briefly what the history of the country, blah blah etc.

I would be grateful for tips, but it must go now not in too much depth. You will quickly notice that I am Beginners, but I would like to outline the approximate sequence and show just such a simple mistake as highlights of the country and avoiding the Torro have not filmed.

script with Celtx is to replace the letter in Word. I know that it is designed for more.

Thank you.


Antwort von robl21f:

hello ....

is not it a bit, "shot sparrows with cannons on"? ... Do you want a vacation or make a film spin??? if it is to be a film to be a story not bad - it would evt a "do script" even sense something, but that has nothing to do with holiday more .... but if you only impressions from your vacation hold on film and then later want to edit a tuts notizheft synonymous .... trying to say is: it is enough if you have a notebook with you constantly by Dost thou traveling all comments info, ideas, etc. and note reinschreibst .... you will never be able to remember everything just the way one can think of and it is always your Celtx hand to make it hold?? ... how you been standest to lead properly, you can divide this up into individual chapters ... you can never plan anything in advance and even the unforeseen events are welcome during the holiday stay motive and varied events which you install later in the film can / should .... long story short sense: less detailed plan everything in advance but only a rough scaffolding / discharge (to-do list) and more in the corresponding lin urlaubs currently necessary pictures and info festhallten - and enjoy the holidays do not forget! :-) ... Celtx for this plan is not completely covered if you just want to make a documented, that what you need / want with a script has to be done in the true sense nix ...

gruss rob


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Celtx is designed to correct to write screenplays for film, theater, musicals, etc.

Although there are different species in addition to organizing a Celtx script synonymous to a rotation and there einzupflegen the same types of notes. But then I would say that the most important work takes place on site during your holiday shoots, namely the notes to what you see and how you could tell. So there would be a really practical notebook ;-)

But if you go away with family or friends, will you not then just enjoy the holidays and a few things to make it perfectly as it is fun? Remember so synonymous without notes ...

Otherwise, you can enlighten us yes, what a rotation is to be quite!


Antwort von nicecam:

"Robl21f" wrote: ... And enjoy the holiday does not forget! :-) ...
Tomnrw Hello, you believe it a priority.

I have a friend who at the moment, I believe, dwells in Africa.

He has planned his vacation with Celtx. The structured approach is all very s.solche things.

One can even see as synonymous: the planned the vacation, the more relaxed you can tackle it ;-)

I ask my friend once, maybe it helps you out even with tips on Celtx.


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