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Frage von Axel:

We have a "hot pixels" (the opposite of a "dead pixels") in our 7D. A small star (in photos) and a "moon with court" in the movie function. Visible in photographs synonymous to black, especially for video on mid-tones.
Occurred after an "Error 70", in which the camera was only after removing the venerable Batteries properly again and ready (for more details on this error can not be found, but it will probably appear in most of the phenomenon above). Because Google can win the * theory *, that such a bright pixels by software in the works, as it says "ausgemappt (mapped out) is. There is - probably partly successful - attempts to leave the camera with high sensitivity for a while to warm up, then off, the battery short out-and reinzutun again and then carry out a longer manual sensor cleaning. Of these, there are some variations in the network described, some of which we have tried unsuccessfully. We synonymous tried resetting to factory settings (following the above theory, that is inevitable when 17MP individual dead or hot pixels and are ausgemappt by Canon before delivery): ¡No funciona!

Perhaps someone has a tip? We would be reluctant to send in the camera to Canon, we have a rotation end of the week.


Antwort von B.DeKid: for testing of cameras in general. one of the many removal tools but this then only cleans the footage.


Submit the event will not save you.

In Berlin, there are known and to recommend you chamber but from Berlin, right?

Call to describe the problem should not take long to bring the evening to pick up in the morning probably synonymous with no CPS (Canon Pro Service)

What else can Fiehler me now does not have a sorry Axel, but it always comes again before the prob is at home do nothing, I've never found the Canon tool which use the service shops. , - /

B. DeKid


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