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Frage von Ralf:

Hello list,
2 hours have now been reading the forum and made some great stuff - unfortunately, not what I want.

Times I would need an in keywords Instructions to the above given way: Sony DV-Cam -> Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 -> Adobe Encore -> DVD.

Theoretically, I am with every single step right. The first DVDs are created, I'm reasonably satisfied synonymous.

BUT: I always stumble back over the following 2 issues:
1. Audio and video are not synchronously on the DVD
2. Sound (mainly language, so when it is said) rattles when playing of the DVD.

I spend my films premiere in AVI format. There diw quality is great. Only who has rendered Encore DVD, there are problems.

Can someone help me? THANK YOU!


Antwort von dienine:


did you ever try your video as an mpeg-2 export and then use this dvd in encore. Amongst other benefits, the encore of a project will link directly to your original, if you want to change something else. However, you should create the mpeg2 file is not multiplexed with the premiere.
Otherwise, I can only guess just make sure to match the audio settings (eg. sample rate), tv-standard and the fps.

na dann viel glück


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Ralf,

an overview of possible audio - and video formats to create a DVD video you can find in the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

See synonymous:


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