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How To: Mod Dateien in Premiere bearbeiten

How To: Mod edit files in Premiere

Frage von 02VideoFaBI:
Juni 2008

MOD files and Adobe Premiere

I have in this and other forums already with many of the problems. Mod files, which some jvc and panasonic camcorder to record, and had with my JVC GZ-MG505 exactly the same problem. I have now done this without error and with sound in adobe premiere to import a small Instructions:

Premiere CS3 (v.7 with v6 and I have not tried it)

1. . MOD file rename:
MOD is really only of Sony Vegas 7 and Edius 4/4.5 imported, so the file is renamed. Mpg or. Mpeg, depending on what works for you. For me there were two formats for image error see above rim, so I. As avi format, and it works perfectly.
If you do not all want to rename files individually, then after a google times File Renamer.

Now the video is already imported. Now for the sound.

2. AC3 retrofit

Premiere provides no AC3 codec with, we must even in the hands. The required dll here: http://www.mediacollege.com/adobe/premiere/pro/import/ad2ac3dec.dll
Or you copied it from the Adobe Encore CS3 installation directory.
The file comes directly into the installation directory of Premiere CS3.
Then it launches and premiere invites previously Renamed file again. If still no audio to listen, then perhaps you need to restart Premiere.

Now we have video with sound. Booyah!

3. 16:9 correctly:
If you ein16: 9 video have to be shown is 3:4, dan is as follows:
File imporieren> right-click them in the media list> interpret footage> Pixel Aspect Ratio> align to> PAL DV Widescreen

Confirm and complete.

I hope the instructions help, for me it works perfectly. Viel spaß beim edit!


Antwort von 02VideoFaBI:

here there is a file renamer: http://www.sherrodcomputers.com/products_filerenamer_download.cfm

Antwort von 02VideoFaBI:

When I tried all the individual files to import (ca100) first told me then that not enough space available. alles klar .... Memory is absolutely enough available memory and solid plate anyway.
I know now, at least once that I stay with Sony Vegas. No problems and everything works!

Antwort von yeah:

Hello Fabian,

have just followed your advice, because I have a long time had problems with. mod files to my Canon FS 100 delivers!
And it works fine with sound and all drum and turn.
So thank you for your post, Fabian!

Antwort von Blechtrommler:

Hello Fabian!

Thank you very much for your tips!
Was already s.verzweifeln because there is no sound when importing a mpeg's of a Canon FS100.
Now funzt wunderbar!

Liebe Grüße aus Wien

Antwort von Sektionschef:

Alternatively, you can even written my SDcopy use tool.
It searches for all MOD files in a folder / drive and can then
All files in a destination folder
-the so rename files that they Filedatum / time as the file name and receive a free definable FileExtension (eg MPG)
-when copying / renaming the actual Filedatum not changed
-target auto patched files, so that equal the 16:9 flag is set correctly

Dzt latest version is SDcopy V1.9991beta and you'll find here
http://zyvid.com/smf/index.php?action=dlattach; topic = 280.0; id = 219

Section Head

Antwort von bgk:

Hello Sektionschef,

Your tool has been running for some time at a relative to the files of the JVC MS100 to make editable.

Thank you very much for this useful program, especially for unexperienced users represents a substantial facilitation (program -> click on Import -> everything else is done auto)!

This is just perfect and exactly as you requested. Really a shame that the camera manufacturers so something is not the data itself.

The only question in my relatives: "Gibt's synonymous to the German?" ;-)

Thank you very much and friendly greetings of a country man,

Antwort von ed-media:

In Final Cut Pro on the other hand, for example, brings nothing to rename, then there is picture but no sound, thanks to MPEG-Streamclip recoded, then opens it synonymous with the cut with MOD data.

A halt SW20 is sometimes interesting, if the other cams on a ship in up to 10 m high waves are almost abgesoffen.
Qualitatively for me, "well", the customers are satisfied.

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