Infoseite // How can I Pal files that are scarce in several packed on DVD burn?

Frage von Ally111:

If I were a movie runterlade, then loads my uploader (Alphaload-legal Uploader !!!!!) this in a file group with a lot of rar files are packed down and if I would like to unpack this, then he starts, but then brings a message of reason NCB file is missing .... 've still never heard what ...

Please help me I got me here NEN Wolf loaded and now it gets



Antwort von Catalyst:

If you buy this film legally, then you have the problem.


Antwort von Quadruplex:



Antwort von Ally111:

it is!


Antwort von Franz Peter:

Alphaload is synonymous a large scale Usenet provider like many others are synonymous. The Usenet is determined 99% of illegal downloads synonymous if the opposite is often claimed. You pay only for the opportunity to use the Usenet is not the copyright, because the still apply.
Since you will probably get no answer here. But if yes, then you have to give you relevant search forums.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Gude .... So NEN Uploader is a progi to upload.

A +. Tbd file is an index file. You will find below
On Usenet, there are many years QuickPar recovery files and with this you need to download, you create the missing or broken files.
Their format files is *. par2.

And yes, the Usenet is usually not legal. And I would ask you, do the Usenet a favor and post nix high, because people without Par Rar Nfo and other skills have spent the last years (more about "direct PC and Computer IMAGE REPORTS ETC. Versaut THE USENET! For you there everything via Torrent and so jokes. Especially if you have paid for their MEIT NEN Usenet provider and since then on the secure Page ....... but please go elsewhere to play.

MfG B. DeKid Usnet X user since Beta News and Newsbin ;-) ... so now about 12 years ;-)

PS: On the other hand, people can be good s Usenet synonymous to send and edit projects, use of, in essence, it is a kind of each forum Usenet group ...... just look at the search function groups of users use Google ;-) as Ally111 have only in recent years to the Usenet made what it is today, a big pile of s ** Schei, where everyone says Hans files he needed to post.
Very sad, versus the normal users of the fun.


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