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Frage von casjenennen:

Hello, have a 20 seconds video in AE and wants it at the last frame will remain for 10 seconds, if not forever, the last frame as a Still Image rauszurendern special but I can set the keyframes The Picture persist. How do I can and then the synonymous "Still Image" for a long time, so long as my Videofile long?
Thanks for your help!



Antwort von Jörg:

there are all sorts of possibilities. Look at the passages in the manual about Zeitverkrümmung / distortion.
If there is a hurry.: Just as a frame EndFrame export. The may be as long as you want.


Antwort von Wiro:

"casjenennen" wrote: ... that the last frame remains ... the special set keyframes The Picture Stop
@ Casjens
What your mind because, while not prohibited, but it makes sense not synonymous.

Theoretically, one on the last frame, a speed keyframe put this 1 frame and then to 1% of set speed. The effect but simply that the 1 frame is duplicated 99x - from 1 frame to be identical ie 100, which is a 25 Timeline of the maximum length of 4 sec corresponds. More is already not purely arithmetically. If we come up with the idea, the whole thing simply by extending next installment to extend the entire clip is extended, not only of a final frame. So is the approach Shit.

Another way is the timeline cursor at the end of the clip to set, then exactly 1 frame backwards and go to the clip because durchzuschneiden. Now the last frame separated by expansion rate to the desired length of pull - no preference as long.

This procedure applies for Premiere Pro - but since the function of APP and AE is fairly equal, it should be synonymous with AE function.

Greeting Wiro


Antwort von Milania:

Clip Enable, then level -> Time -> Time Distortion activate
The clip then simply drag the desired length.


Antwort von casjenennen:

thank you for your helpful reply, it works! Thank you!


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