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Wie schließe ich meinen analogen SAT-Reciever an den PC an???

How do I connect my analog satellite Receiver s.den PC??

Frage von Inferno:
Oktober 2005

Hello! I have an analogue TV-Receiver. Can I connect this somehow s.meinen PC so I can film transducers?
If so with what TV card, or with which other means?
There zb. a card with scart connection? have no idea!!

Antwort von hannes:

The simplest way is an almost DV100 Lead By Win. ca 25 ¬

The best way (as I do) with the Canopus ADVC100 of the firewire into the PC. Then you have the best quality and all the freedoms in the post. (on eBay at the 180 ¬)
And above all, no Tonversatz!

Antwort von norbert55:

So I do not know a card with scart. How it looks from your calculator (graphics card, processor, FireWire ...)?
Gruß Norbert

Antwort von Inferno:

So my PC:
Processor: P4 3,4 Ghz
G-Force 6600 256 mb
Hard drive: 160GB
Firewire: No

Antwort von Inferno:

"hannes" wrote:
The simplest way is an almost DV100 Lead By Win. ca 25 ¬

The best way (as I do) with the Canopus ADVC100 of the firewire into the PC. Then you have the best quality and all the freedoms in the post. (on eBay at the 180 ¬)
And above all, no Tonversatz!

First of thanks for the reply but I think unfortunately, the DV100 from Lead Win hardly, perhaps, can you tell me nen link to send wos there?

Antwort von Peter S.:

Where can this generation only gets a computer without firewire port?? The 3D graphics accelerator (which, incidentally useless for video editing) is probably cost 10 times as much as a firewire card with editing program.
MFG Peter

Antwort von prem:

Does anyone know a program with which I can then record movies and not just 10 minutes or so until the special long hdd is full of me that is a friendly ;-) hatt tv (s.pc but who has cable TV, so no problem) but we find a decent progg with which one can hold long enough
ask for help

Antwort von hannes:



Antwort von Reinhard S:


as Hannes has said, is the Canopus ADVC100 is an excellent alternative --

Antwort von hannes:

> The cheap junk would I not buy me.

My father always said:
Boy, we are too poor, but that we could make that cheap.
(then it was, however, is footwear, not video)

Antwort von peter:


nem with similar problem, I hang myself once in the thread it:)

I've ne Hauppauge WinTV PCI FM. And now wants to (like on the hauppauge card site described above) via the antenna cable tv reciever s.The. However, only 2 RCA inputs (for radio and tv's).

ok, was wanted in the loading nen cinch / coax adapter buy, which my salesman: does not go (they can not do the high-frequency blablabal "does not understand ton)

is thus asking this or not go?

An adapter is already in the hauppauge process of adapting the cinch to coax plug and should not like him to coax clutch :-(

Alternatively, I would have to me so you can then transmit Of scart cable cinch to get? or is it synonymous koax-kupplung/koax-kupplung cable TV?

greetings, peter

Antwort von HDP2426:

"hannes" wrote:


Thus one can not but start from the TV or what I see as wrong, I am still quite new to the area know me and therefore not as nice but for me it looks as if one could not record from TV.
If this is so, knows someone is a program which goes with it? (The longest possible recording time)?

Antwort von hannes:

> Knows someone is a program which goes with it? (The longest possible recording time)?

if you read my post carefully .....

Antwort von Dragonsbreath81:

Wo gibts die of Lead Win almost DV100? Please post link!

Antwort von hannes:


Antwort von RErnst:

I myself watch analog satellite TV s.PC.
And can accommodate synonymous, in good quality, burst to the plate ...

Hab nen PC with (I do not knows what) TV card with analog input.
My satellite receiver is connected to only one scart output, so I have the receiver s.einem old VCR, and this will, over the normal TV cable output, combined with the TV card!
Thus, one can still synonymous equal Videokasseten anschliesen digitize or old video cameras ...

As a program I use CyberLink's PowerCinema 3
=> Simplest to use, full-screen television, recordings until the disk is full, the recorder with timer function, and everything in mpeg2 format! So to handle space-saving, well next.
Synonymous has a few quirks, unfortunately.

I am looking for a long time for a program that has more and better features, but so far, at least for me, the best solution has remained.


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