Infoseite // How do I create an index of a picture-MPG video file?

Frage von sven138:

Hi All,

I'm looking for a tool with which I can extract per MPG video file several individual images) (eg all2 20 seconds per picture or first film sequence. Thus, I have the ability to create a Picture-index on a MPG video file to and can see at a glance which footage in this video are included MPG file.
You know as a tool?


Antwort von Kiara Borini:



Antwort von tohato:

Hello sven138,

HyperSnap is the so what, good program. The trial version gibts hier -> If you want to buy it, the purchase worthwhile. Also good for screen control usAufgaben. eg you want to copy the text of a lengthy error message of Windows? Do not you need. HyperSnap takes you to the text or a different window.



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