Infoseite // How do I get my videos of SonyHDR-XR500Ve on the MAC??

Frage von thiloy:

Hi Folks,
HELP, how do I get the videos on the camcorder above my MAC? the software provided by Sonyklappt not, this is a new MAC Calculator .... I'm getting it solved simply not.
Please help.
What do I need to set where do I start.
On a PC - no problem.


Antwort von Jott:

For Mac: synonymous not a problem. RTFM.

Exception: is your software version is older than the AVCHD format, it works the absence of clairvoyant abilities of Apple, of course, not without difficulty.


Antwort von thiloy:

Thank you,
what does RTFM?
The Apple is the end of the year 09 and the camera was purchased in January 2010


Antwort von UliW:


then you should iMovie09 synonymous (have) 8.0.5, right? Your cam is supported of iMovie. So just connect your cam, open iMovie and click on the small camera icon or import via File -> Import from Camera and then that's all! Then, if you want to edit with iMovie. iMovie makes car (from the AVCHD files. mts) AIC, Apple Intermediate Codec.


UliW :-)


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