Infoseite // How do I get out of the interlaced MPEG Calculator?

Frage von joerg.ehehalt:

Hello everybody!

Before I burn a DVD with interlaced video, I would first like to check that with the interlace everything is OK or whether, for example, the field order was rotated somewhere or whatever.

But I have no idea how I can spend on the fly from an MPEG video from a PC or Mac with interlace on the television.

On the computer monitor, it seems so anyway always gedeinterlacet and my Matrox video card is on the TV-output, only one picture with half the vertical Resolutionaus, without interlacing.

Has anyone any idea whether there may be a different graphics card, which can sowas?

About DV - Out and of course the camera was going, but synonymous, it's no fun when you have to convert the video just to look more after IR.



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I give MPEGs of the hard drive from the Canopus DV Storm2 video card connected to it s.einen PAL TV in full Resolutionraus.

zum Bild


Antwort von Stefan:

A blank DVD costs about 80 cents. That would be worth the safety.

Tip # 1: Purchase more blanks. While authoring the DVD is enough wrong (too high bit rate, burner problems, inconsistencies menu Bedruckprobleme ...)

Tip # 2: "Take RWs" sounds interesting, but it is not. DVD Players show off / sometimes falter when often scribbled and quickly erased RWs. It then looks for a wolf.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

With DVD-RW (eg, of Verbatim) I have so far not had any bad experiences. However, I do not label the discs directly with a pen, but only the inlay of the jewel box.

All (larger) Programs, which I as DVD video burning, I first test on DVD-RW burned in stand-alone DVD player.


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