Infoseite // How do men get so see as PRO7 Sat1 ner with Pinnacle PCTV Sat to

Frage von Daniel1985:

Well my question is eig already in the subject.
I get only two German sender purely for me and the Bible are TV and WDR.
I have stopped Astra 1B 1C 1E 1F 1G 1H 2C (019.2).
If I answer correctly on ne freuen.Danke


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Daniel,

since there is currently a similar thread:


Antwort von thodde:

Hello Together, I have a pci usb card of each pinnacle. Install everything no problem, but I get only a few channels, if synonymous with good qualtiät. I miss sat zdf pro7 vox .....
With the satellite, I can only astra ASTRA (0,23.5) and a set of 1 or something .... Please help what I have to stop there. Work with TVCenter pro.

I have an old satellite system is approximately 10 years old with an old LNB, as community facility.

The salesman assured me Above mentioned function in hardware

thank you very much


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