Infoseite // How does a short film look for formal adoption at festivals?

Frage von hannibalekta:

Hi folks,
I have my second (fictional) short film finished and would like to send him at short film festivals in deutssprachigen space. Now the question: On what should I look formal (if one of starting a DV tape as a medium) - I should make an advance of the start of the intro track? If so, how long should this be? Should we offer these "General movie trailer" (with Countdown + test tone)? How long must be left after the credits available?

How should it look a DV -Tape/DVD? Want a cover for both, as those one sees in all synonymous Purchase DVDs? Or should you find and keep more formally and make only movie name + Réalisateur up?

I would be very grateful to you for your help:)



Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

That you must address individually. Most festivals have your specifications on their homepage, you should keep s.diese you.

PS: bars and Sound s.Anfang you can save yourself but here ...


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